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Guide To The Booking Procedure For Use Of Non-Fee Charging Recreation And Sports Facilities

Individual Booking

This booking procedure is applicable to booking of non-fee charging facilities, including hard-surface soccer pitches, basketball, handball, volleyball courts, gateball courts and roller skating rinks etc.

Booking Procedure

One month in advance booking
Members of the public can make bookings one calendar month in advance (e.g. booking for sessions in May 2009 should reach the booking office from 1 to 31 March 2009 according to the date of receipt by the district booking offices).
Indicative schedule
Month of the intended
date of use
May 2009
Month of submission
of application
March 2009 #
Balloting date
10 April 2009 *
Date of confirmation
Before 20 April 2009 *

Points to note:


Bookings shall be made in the prescribed standard application form (LCS 218) and submit it to the relevant district/park offices.
(ii) The standard application form should be completed in full without omission in legible writing. Application forms found with incomplete information would not be processed.
(iii) Each applicant shall be permitted to book up to a maximum of two hours in each application. Repeated applications (for use of same sessions or different sessions of same venue) will not be accepted.
(iv) Each application form should be attached with a stamped self-addressed envelop for the Department to inform the applicant the result of his/her application after the balloting exercise.
(v) Allocation is to be determined by monthly balloting. Members of the public may register with the district / park offices to witness the monthly open balloting to be conducted on 10th * (or the following working day) in the district / park offices.


Booking made at district booking office
Booking of remaining vacant sessions / pitches after balloting can be made at district/park offices on a first-come-first-served basis normally starting from 20th* (or the following working day) of each month, e.g. booking for the month of May can be made as from 20th* of April at district / park offices.
Applicant (or authorized representative) must come to the booking office of the district / park office with his identification document (or a copy of applicant's identity document) for booking of pitches. Each applicant shall be permitted to book for one individual user up to a maximum of two hours per visit to the district / park office.

Points to note:


The permits for free use of pitches are not transferable.
(ii) Hirer must be one of the users of the pitch. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) may conduct surprise checking of users at the venues and may demand for production of users' identity document to prove the status of user being the genuine permit holder.
(iii) There is no reallocation of the pitches due to inclement weather or any unforeseeable circumstances.
(vi) The hirer can cancel the booking of facilities by either in writing or by completion of an application form (LCS 841a) which can be obtained at any booking counter of the leisure venue or downloaded here. The application should be submitted to the respective booking counter of leisure venues and produce his/her identity documents for checking, the original permit should be returned together with the completed application form for cancellation.
(v) Due to changing booking status of pitches and the huge number of applications / facilities in a district, LCSD may not be able to entertain telephone enquiries by the public for checking availability of pitches and the result of individual balloting application.
(vi) In case of breach of the Pleasure Grounds Regulation and the Conditions of Use of LCSD Non-fee Charging Facilities, LCSD reserves the right to cancel the approved booking without notice at any time and/or on the day/time of use.

According to the date of receipt by the concerned district/park offices.

* District/Park offices may specify any other day of the month to meet local circumstances. It will be announced by notice separately in respective district offices.

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