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Annual Open Data Plans

LCSD published the annual open data plans to set out the datasets which will be released on the Public Sector Information (PSI) Portal ( in the coming three years and those which have already been published. We welcome your feedback and suggestions on these plans to formulate a better plan and open up more data meeting your needs.

Annual Open Data PlansLast Update
Annual Open Data Plan for 2021-2023 18/12/2020
Annual Open Data Plan for 2020-2022 20/12/2019
Annual Open Data Plan for 2019-2021 31/12/2018

For feedback and suggestions, please submit via the following form:

Feedback Form at

For any other enquiries, please contact:

E-mail : (This e-mail account is now handled by the "1823" .)
Tel : 2414 5555 (This hotline is now handled by the "1823" .)