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Equal Opportunities

Promotion of Racial Equality

Policy on racial equality

In line with the overall Government policy, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department is committed to eliminating racial discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for people of different races. In addition, we have been actively taking measures to promote racial equality with a view to ensuring that persons of different races regardless of their cultures and languages have equal opportunity to enjoy our facilities and services.

Checklist of measures on the promotion of racial equality

We have drawn up a checklist of measures to assist the Department in promoting equal access to public services, which is attached below.

Interpretation and Translation Services Arranged

We will regularly assess and review our arrangements and services to ensure that there is no adverse impact on racial equality. We will also collect data and statistics on the use of our services by people of different races to help us improve.

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Policy on accessibility

In line with the Government’s established policy objective, the Department endeavours to provide a barrier-free environment for persons with disabilities, thereby providing them with means of access to any premises and services that the public is entitled to enter or use, and facilitating them to live independently and fully integrate into the community.

Contact Information on Access Officers

An Access Officer has been appointed for each venue of the Department to serve as the first point of contact on accessibility issues at the venue. The contact information on the Access Officers of our venues can be found via the link below:

Contact Information of Access Co-Ordinators And Access Officers

Barrier-free facilities provided in our facilities and venues

The Department strives to provide barrier-free access for all. Information on the barrier-free facilities provided in individual facilities and venues can be found by browsing the following link:

List of Facilities & Venues