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Lifeguard Recruitment

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) recruits lifeguards on civil service terms, as well as on non-civil service contract terms according to seasonal and operational need for providing life-saving service at its public swimming pools, gazetted beaches and water sports centres. This page provides general information on LCSD lifeguard recruitments. For further details on lifeguard duties, you may also visit the Government Youth Portal.

Civil Service Lifeguard

(1) Artisan(Beach/Swimming Pool)
(2) Artisan(Lifeguard at Water Sports Centre)

Master Pay Scale Point 5 (HK$17,675 per month) to Master Pay Scale
Point 8 (HK$21,340 per month)

Schedule of Recruitment
The new round of recruitment has commenced in late September 2020.


Non-civil Service Contract Lifeguard

(1) Seasonal Lifeguard
(2) Full-year Full-time Lifeguard

Seasonal Lifeguard is remunerated from HK$ 18,560 to HK$ 19,560 depending on the working venues. Full-year Full-time lifeguard is remunerated at HK$19,925 per month. Upon satisfactory completion of contract, subject to satisfactory performance and conduct during the contract period, both positions are entitled to end-of-contract gratuity.

Schedule of Recruitment
The recruitment exercise of Seasonal Lifeguard will be conducted from around December to August every year. The recruitment exercise of Full-year Full-time Lifeguard will be conducted based on operational need. For more details, please visit the “Jobs Available” column on our website or refer to relevant recruitment advertisement/vacancy circular.