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Pilot Scheme on the Use of School Venues by Arts Groups

Use of School Venues by Arts Groups

Introduction and Booking Arrangements

Pilot Scheme on the Use of School Venues by Arts Groups launched by the Government aims to further open up parts of school venues for rehearsals by arts groups after school hours on a pilot basis to foster the development of the arts and cultural industries as well as to promote arts education through the provision of more opportunities for students to access artistic creations.

Participating schools will open up their school halls and/or multi-purpose activity rooms during selected timeslots at weekends and/or on school holidays from 1 September 2024 to 30 June 2025 for hire by arts groups for rehearsal. For the list of participating schools, details of facilities to be opened (e.g. equipment/utilities provided, associated fees and charges, etc.) and the available months, etc., please refer to relevant information listed below.


The arts groups and the rehearsals have to fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The arts groups shall furnish together with the application forms documentary proof of their identity as non-profit making arts organisation established with the primary aim to foster arts development.
  2. The arts groups shall not use the school facilities/venues for holding profit-making activities. The hired school facilities/venues shall only be used for rehearsals. No performances shall be held in school facilities/venues.
  3. The arts groups shall submit confirmed venue booking details as a proof that the rehearsal is related to a public performance within the next 12 months (from the first booking date).
  4. The arts group will be accorded a higher priority in assessment if the arts group can broaden the arts and cultural knowledge and artistic horizons of students (such as providing students with complimentary access to dress rehearsals/performances/previews, conducting talks/workshops related to the promotion of arts and Chinese culture for students, etc.).

Booking Arrangements

Booking applications are accepted twice a year in mid-April to May and mid-September to October and processed collectively by the Sheung Wan Civic Centre of Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Please refer to the information published on website for the availabilities of the participating schools before submission of booking applications.

Interested arts groups should submit booking applications in accordance with the timetable below. Completed application forms with the signed undertaking form of Conditions of Use of School Venues by Arts Groups and all documentary proof shall reach the Sheung Wan Civic Centre by post, by fax, via email or in person before 5:30pm on the last working day* of the month of May or October. In general, it requires two months to process the booking applications. LCSD will inform the successful applicants when the booking applications are confirmed, and the successful applicants are required to contact the related schools directly for the details of the arrangement for hiring the school venue.

Submission PeriodBooking Period
Mid-April - May September of the same year to January of the following year
Mid-September - October February to June of the following year

Download of Documents / Forms

Documents / FormDownload
List of participating school and information of facilities for hire  
Application Form
Conditions of Use of School Venues by Arts Groups with Undertaking  
Introduction and Booking Arrangement  
Enquiries: 3586 0254 (Working days: from 9am to 5:45pm) (except public holidays)
Fax: 2851 1075
Address: Sheung Wan Civic Centre
5/F, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building, 345 Queen’s Road Central, HK

* Working days mean Monday to Friday (except public holidays)