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Terms and Conditions of Use of Hong Kong Stadium and Mong Kok Stadium for Major Local and International Sporting Events

Conditions for the Use of Stadium

(1) Applicability
  These terms and conditions shall apply:
(a) to the areas within the perimeter boundary and inside all buildings and structures in the Stadium, including the accreditation and screening facilities, if any; and
(b) during the whole period of staging the Major Local and International Sporting Events (“the Events”) as designated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (“LCSD”).
(2) Entry to the Stadium
(a) Spectators with valid entry tickets must enter or exit the Stadium through the designated entrances or exits.
(b) Valid entry tickets must be presented when entering the Stadium, and within the Stadium when requested by Stadium staff, security staff or officials, or by the Police.
(c) Validity of an entry ticket ceases when a holder leaves the Stadium on the event date. Re-entry will only be granted with adequate reason and upon presentation of a ticket stamped and signed by designated Stadium management staff. Lost tickets are not replaceable.
(d) All persons regardless of age must enter with a valid ticket.
(e) No unauthorized parking is allowed inside the Stadium.
(3) Security Control
(a) Stadium staff and security staff at the Stadium may intercept or interdict persons who constitute a threat to public safety and good order, including those apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs and those in possession of dangerous items or substances. Such persons may be barred from entry or evicted from the Stadium.
(b) Stadium staff and security staff at the Stadium may inspect the personal belongings of any spectator on entry into the Stadium to ensure that no prohibited items are brought into the Stadium. They may request people present in or entering the Stadium to submit to security screening and check. Persons who refuse to submit to security screening or check without good reason may be refused entry and/or removed from the Stadium.
(4) Good Behaviour at the Stadium
(a) All hirers/users/spectators must –
  i. observe and comply with the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance (Cap 132), and all subsidiary legislation made thereunder including the Stadia Regulation (Cap. 132 BY), and any direction given by the management of the Stadium; any law, requirements and regulation imposed from time to time by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (“Government”) and any relevant authorities that are applicable to the hiring of the Stadium;
  ii. observe and comply with all notices to hirers/users/spectators issued by LCSD concerning operational arrangements; and
  iii. observe and comply with the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and other relevant laws of Hong Kong in relation to the safeguarding of national security (“National Security Law”); and ensure that no act or activity which is likely to constitute or is likely to cause the occurrence of an offence endangering national security under the National Security Law or other laws of Hong Kong, or which would otherwise be contrary to the interests of national security, is engaged in the Stadium.
(b) Persons entering or present at the Stadium shall not deliberately cause obstruction at points of entry or exit, stairways, aisles, zone access points, emergency exits or access routes for emergency services within the Stadium, nor shall they impede, obstruct or detrimentally affect the flow of pedestrians or traffic on roads and walkways.
(c) Persons present at the Stadium shall obey all reasonable instructions of the Stadium staff, security staff, officials and the Police. Spectators shall remain within areas reserved for them and shall not enter areas to which entry is restricted. Spectators shall proceed to the spectator stands by the routes indicated by the Stadium staff, security staff and officials. Spectators will be required to sit when in the spectator stands unless using the public areas, catering facilities or areas specifically designated for standing.
(d) If any event involving the display or use or raising of the national flag, national emblem, the regional flag or regional emblem, the national flag-raising ceremony, or the playing or singing of the national anthem, any person using the Stadium shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to the National Flag and National Emblem Ordinance (Instrument A401), the Regional Flag and Regional Emblem Ordinance (Instrument A602)and the National Anthem Ordinance (Instrument A405).
(e) Any form of unauthorized publicity, commercial or otherwise, political propaganda, racist or provocative messages appearing on flags, banners, clothing, sportswear, accessories or, more generally, on any article or equipment whatsoever worn or used by spectators, athletes or other participants in the Events is not permitted. However, this shall not apply to the identification of the manufacturer appearing on such clothing, article or equipment concerned, provided that such identification is not marked conspicuously for the purposes of advertising.
(f) Flags, posters, buntings and banners shall not be displayed in such a manner to obstruct the full view of other spectators. The Stadium management reserves the right to remove any form of flag, poster, bunting, banner, or other means of exhibition which, in the opinion of the Stadium management, is, or may constitute a source of visual obstruction to other spectators, or which may cause danger to any person.
(g) Litter is to be disposed of in litter bins.
(h) Found property shall be handed to the Stadium staff, security staff, officials or to the Police. All unclaimed property before the closure of the Stadium at the end of events for the day will be handed over to the Police.
(i) Reports of missing persons or lost property should be reported to the Stadium staff, security staff, officials or the Police.
(j) Photo-taking and audio/video recording is not permitted unless authorized. The use of flash photography is prohibited to avoid potential distraction to the players in the field of play unless authorized.
(k) The normal usage of mobile phones and communication devices is allowed, provided no undue inconvenience is caused to other spectators and no interference is caused to the Events or to the management of the Stadium.
(l) The following acts and activities within the Stadium are specifically prohibited:
  (i) interference with athletes or officials arranged by the hires by any means;
  (ii) unauthorised entry to restricted zones;
  (iii) selling or distributing unauthorized merchandise, clothing, accessories or other items, or re-selling entry tickets without authorisation;
  (iv) any form of demonstration or acts of protest, expressing or otherwise propagating political, religious or racist messages, distributing unauthorised material, or engaging in signature collection campaigns;
  (v) smoking, except in the designated smoking area;
  (vi) writing, painting or creating graffiti on buildings, facilities or roads;
  (vii) standing on spectators’ seats, subject to Paragraph 4(c) above;
  (viii) bringing into the Stadium any plastic, glass, metal bottles or containers, and bottled or canned drinks and food (except baby food, medication and, small quantity of food and drinks for self consumption and the container for bringing such food and drinks);
  (ix) the use of umbrellas in such a manner as to cause danger or any unnecessary obstruction, or interference with any person in the Stadium; umbrellas brought into the Stadium are not to be opened within the area of the spectator stands when the Events are in progress or about to begin unless so necessitated by weather conditions such as rain and sunlight;
  (x) unauthorised use of “walkie-talkie” radio handsets; and
  (xi) throwing objects, employing foul language to the annoyance of any person and behaving in a disorderly manner.
(5) Prohibited Items
  Persons entering the Stadium are prohibited from bringing any of the following items without authorization:
(a) any flags, banners, buntings, posters, flyers, leaflets, and/or other promotional, propaganda and display materials, the content of which are discriminatory, political, or have any association with the activities described in Paragraphs (4)(e) and (f) above;
(b) any kind of article, object or substance which could be used as a weapon or which may be harmful to health, such as compressed gas or liquid spray containers and acidic, flammable, combustible or colouring substances;
(c) fireworks, star shells, smoke powder, smoke bombs or other pyrotechnic objects of any kind, including firing devices;
(d) noise instruments (whether mechanically operated or not) such as megaphones, gas pressure clarions, whistles, drums, gongs, musical instruments, or radios with loudspeakers;
(e) any glassware or easily broken containers which may cause danger to people;
(f) animals (except guide dogs);
(g) laser pointers;
(h) radio station or radio transmission equipment that does not meet the technical specifications prescribed by Communications Authority of the Office of Communications Authority (OFCA);
(i) Items of racist, xenophobic, charitable or ideological nature or items that could detract from the sporting focus, compromise public safety and security, or restrict the view of other spectators and / or harm the reputation of the Event;
(j) any remote-controlled flying devices or toys, e.g. model helicopters, drones; and
(k) any other thing that may constitute an infringement of the Stadia Regulation (Cap 132 BY), or regulations and requirements enacted by the Stadium according to operational needs; or any law and regulation in force in Hong Kong; or in the case of football matches under the direct administration of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (“FIFA”), the FIFA Stadium Safety and Security Regulations.
(6) Liability
  People entering and remaining in the Stadium do so at their own risk. All these persons are warned that entry to the pitch and restricted zone before, during or after the Events is prohibited unless directed by the Stadium staff, security staff, officials or the Police. Any person not complying with this requirement may be removed from the Stadium upon an order of a manager of the Stadium management. The Government and its employees or agents (including the Stadium management) shall not be liable for any injury or death save for those caused by the negligence of the Government or any of its employees or agents (in the course of employment).
(7) Violations
  Persons who deliberately act contrary to these terms and conditions may be removed from the Stadium. If a person acts in such a manner that constitutes an offence, he/she will be liable to arrest by the Police.
(8) Interpretation
  The Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, or those to whom he has delegated such authority, has the sole authority to interpret these Terms and Conditions and any expressions herein.