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Comprehensive Review of the Sports Subvention Scheme

1. Aims

  • The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has taken over sports funding administration from the then Hong Kong Sports Development Board and established the Sports Subvention Scheme (SSS) since 2004 to support sport development in Hong Kong. The subvention allocated to the national sports associations (NSAs) mainly covers personnel expenses, office expenses and programme expenses.  Over the years, LCSD has been working closely with NSAs, sports organisations (SOs) and relevant stakeholders for the promotion of sport in the territory.  With a view to further enhancing the development of sport in Hong Kong, LCSD is conducting a comprehensive review of the SSS (the Review) to optimise its administration.

2. Scope of the Review

  • The scope of the Review includes four aspects, namely: funding principles and eligibility of the SSS, allocation of subvention and subsidy level, means to attract and retain talents to stay and continue contribute to the sporting arena and measures to enhance monitoring as well as corporate governance.

3. Highlights of the Review

  • The Review covers overseas countries and the local community.  For the overseas part, LCSD commissioned a consultant in October 2018 to conduct research on the principles and approaches of providing subvention to NSAs and SOs in overseas regions, as well as the mode and mechanism of fund allocation, covering eight countries in Asia, Europe and North America.  For the local part, LCSD collected views from members of the public, NSAs, SOs and major stakeholders through questionnaire and public consultation.  The local study was concluded on 28 February 2019.  The Review is expected to be completed in 2019/20 and the results will be released in a timely manner.