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Rules on the Use of Running Tracks of Sports Grounds During the Opening Hours for Jogging

  1. To avoid obstructing other users, activities other than jogging are not allowed on the track.
  2. Joggers should choose a lane appropriate for their pace of jogging. Slow runners should use the outer lanes of the track, while faster runners should opt for the inner lanes. When ball games are taking place in the grass pitch of a sports ground, only the three outer lanes will be open for jogging and all of them will be used by slow runners.
  3. Joggers should be aware of nearby runners before accelerating, slowing down or switching lanes to avoid collision.
  4. Joggers should politely indicate their intention before overtaking on the outside.
  5. All joggers should jog in an anti-clockwise direction to avoid collision.
  6. Skateboards, trolleys or prams are prohibited on the track.
  7. Wheelchair users should normally use the outer lanes of the track and beware of crashing with other joggers.
  8. No food, drink or glassware is allowed in the track area.
  9. No dragging of sharp or hard objects is allowed in the track area. Athletes wearing spike shoes are not allowed to drag their feet along the track.
  10. Pets except trained service animals (e.g. guide dogs) are prohibited on the track.
  11. To avoid disturbing other users, the use of loud hailer is not allowed in the track area.
  12. Joggers should wear suitable sports shoes and sportswear.
  13. All users must observe the Pleasure Grounds Regulation and other existing regulations.