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Guide To The Booking Procedure For Use Of Sports Grounds

Organisations eligible for priority booking

This booking procedure is applicable to the booking of Sports Grounds for athletic meets and training as well as other sports activities.

Organisations eligible for priority booking:


Schools are allowed to block book sessions of the coming school year in advance for the period from September to mid-July of the following year. This arrangement only applies to sessions during normal school hours, i.e. 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays; and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

Twelve-month in advance

Sports Grounds may be reserved up to twelve months in advance for athletic meets and training as well as other sports activities promoted or organised by the following organisations –

(i) Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China;

(ii) National Sports Associations;

(iii) Community Sports Clubs;

(iv) District Sports Associations;

(v) Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation;

(vi) The New Territories Regional Sports Association; and

(vii) those supported by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) or District Councils

Three-month in advance

Sports Grounds may be reserved three months in advance for championships and leagues promoted or organized, in order of priority, by the following organisations –

(i) Subvented non-government organizations registered with Social Welfare Department and charitable organizations registered with the Inland Revenue Department.

(ii) Affiliated clubs of National Sports Associations, registered with Certificate of Incorporation under the Companies Ordinance; or Certificate of Registration of a Society under the Societies Ordinance.

(iii) Government departments (including trading fund departments), public/statutory bodies organizing departmental/public functions.

(iv) Bona fide associations and corporations, including government staff clubs/unions and offices of District Council members, may also apply for use of sports grounds. To qualify as bona fide associations and corporations, applicants should be registered with Certificate of Incorporation under the Companies Ordinance; or Certificate of Registration of a Society under the Societies Ordinance.


Block booking is normally subject to the following quota:

(i) For schools athletic meets, the booking quota should follow those set by Education Bureau in the school circular; and
(ii) For other organizations, no more than two four-hours sessions of the peak period* in any one month may be allotted by advance booking to the same organization.

The hours of peak and non-peak period are subject to the prevailing definition as determined by the LCSD. The definition may be revised on need basis.

Booking Procedure

A standard application form(LCS 187) is used for block booking. Applicants are required to observe and adhere to the deadlines for submission of applications for block books of sports grounds and send the application forms to the respective venues according to the booking schedules stated below. The application will be processed according to the priority of applicant. If more than one application for the same session from applicants of the same priority are received, the allocation will be determined by ballot.


Detailed booking procedure should be made reference to the "LCSD Booking Procedure for Use of Sports Grounds by Schools" and relevant Education Bureau Circular Memorandum on Use of Sports Facilities of LCSD and Housing Department by schools for that school year.

Twelve-month in advance

Bookings shall be made at least four but not more than twelve calendar months in advance (i.e. booking for sessions in February 2009 should reach the booking office between 1 January to 30 September 2008. All late applications made after 30 September 2008 will be processed with applications of other organisations entitled three months in advance bookings).

Three-month in advance

Bookings shall be made three months in advance (i.e. bookings for sessions in May 2009 should reach the booking office between 1 to 31 January 2009). All sessions not reserved by bookings for athletic meets and other sports activities may be booked for athletic training. A standard application form (LCS 187) is used.

Hire Charges

Use of recreation and sports facilities managed by the LCSD is subject to prior payment of the prescribed hire charges. Hire charges of sports grounds in the Urban Area / the New Territories.

Cancellation of Booking

The hirer shall not cancel any confirmed booking unless the cancellation is deemed necessary and supported by strong and justifiable reasons. Notice of such cancellation is required to be given at least 20 days prior to the date of use.

Condition of Use

All users of LCSD recreation and sports facilities shall observe the General Conditions of Use of LCSD Sports Grounds, which have been posted up at recreation and sports venues.

Breach of Conditions of Use by Priority Users

If any priority user fails to observe or perform any of the provisions of the Conditions of Use contained in this Booking Procedure, the officer-in-charge of the venue may refuse such user from using the facilities, or without notice cancel the confirmed booking or immediately terminate the hiring of the facilities, in whole or in part. Any charges paid by the priority users to LCSD may not be refunded and LCSD has the right to deduct from the charges paid or claim from the priority user any loss of the Department as a result of the breach.