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Recreation and Amenities - List of Records by Category


  1. Bathing beaches and sheds

    - Facilities information of gazetted beaches
    - Statistics on accident and rescue reports
    - Safety rules

  2. Swimming Pools

    - Facilities information of public swimming pools
    - Safety rules

    Beaches and Swimming  Pools

  3. Horticulture

    - Planting figures
    - Common flowering plants in Hong Kong

  4. Greening

    - Green Volunteers’ Newsletters
    - Greening and tree planting activities
    - Greening subsidy and award schemes
    - Flower shows
    - Blossoms Around Town

  5. Zoological and Horticultural Education

    - Educational activities
    - Horticulture courses
    - Facilities information of the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens
    - Facilities information of the Green Education and Resource Centre

  6. Sports Facilities

    - Conditions of use of R&S facilities
    - Information of sports grounds
    - Information of sports centres

  7. Parks and Playgrounds

    - Information of parks and playgrounds

  8. Contracts and Outsourcing

    - Revenue contracts of leisure venues
    - Service contracts of leisure venues
    - Contracts for maintenance and repairs of playground equipment in leisure venues
    - Contracts for maintenance of electrical and mechanical services in leisure venues

  9. General Administration of R&A Matters

    - Statistics on R&A matters
    - Complaint procedures and enquiries
    - Planning and development of R&A projects
    - Fees and charges