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Publication and Press Releases

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Blossoming peach trees in Tsing Yi Park add to Lunar New Year atmosphere

As the Lunar New Year is approaching, people like to decorate their homes with seasonal flowers to celebrate and the peach tree is a favourite choice. Peach trees grown in the Prunus Garden of Leisure and Cultural Services Department's Tsing Yi Park are now in full blossom, adding a festive atmosphere to the Lunar New Year.

Occupying 0.64 hectares, the Prunus Garden is planted with more than 400 peach trees. When the garden was established in 2000, staff had to learn the know-how of growing peach trees as well as controlling the time when they bloom. They have mastered the techniques required.

To ensure that peach trees bloom just at the right time, staff first need to remove the leaves on the flowing branches two months before the Lunar New Year. The process not only takes time but also arouses queries from park-goers noticing the partially bare peach trees. Second, after all the leaves are removed, staff will stop watering the trees for one month which will make them bud and blossom.

The peach trees in the Prunus Garden in full blossom every year are the result of hard work by the staff, who apply organic fertilisers regularly and control pests if needed.

During the Lunar New Year, visitors to the park can see Chinese floral displays. They can also take opportunity of visiting the park to use other facilities like a 1,200-metre quali-walk path, children's play areas, an amphitheatre, artificial lakes, a large waterfall and a lookout pavilion.

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