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Publication and Press Releases

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Web game with McDull to help keep swimming pools clean

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has launched a web game to relay the message of keeping swimming pools clean.

People can enjoy the summer holiday by playing the swimming pool cleanliness web game with McDull and downloading free gifts on the department's website at http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/swimhandbook/clean/en/game.php.

The web game is a continuation of the Charter on Swimming Pool Cleanliness which began last year.

In the game, McDull and his friends dressed in different costumes play on water slides at a swimming pool. Some of them observe the Charter on Swimming Pool Cleanliness and wear clean and tidy swim wear. But some of them wear the wrong attire while others feel unwell.

Children have to identify these inappropriate swimmers and use a net to stop them from sliding into the pool. The game is aimed at raising children's awareness of keeping swimming pools clean and reminding them of the rules of keeping swimming pools clean and hygienic.

To encourage children's participation and bring more fun, gifts carrying messages of keeping swimming pools clean can be downloaded after completion of the game.

In past summer seasons the discovery of stool and vomitus resulted in the closure of swimming pools. With young children and parents being the targets of the department's educational campaign, cartoon character McDull was used to help get the keep swimming pools clean message across.

McDull, a civic-minded piglet, is a cartoon character which has a healthy image and is widely welcomed by children. It is hoped that children will be happy to join McDull to keep swimming pools clean.

The department also reminds the public the rules of keeping swimming pools clean through posters, booklets, notices and a TV announcement.
On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from June to August, children can get a booklet on "Keep Swimming Pools Clean" by singing the ditty entitled "Mum says" or saying the Swimming Pool Cleanliness Charter tongue twister at the charter's counters at the lobbies near the entrances of the department's public swimming pools.

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