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Publication and Press Releases

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Sand sculptors show their creativity at Golden Beach

More than 100 local sand sculptors showed their creativity in a competition at Golden Beach, Tuen Mun today (December 17), while an expert team from Japan demonstrated their skills.

The Tuen Mun District Sand Sculpture Competition and Sand Sculpture Exchange Programme 2006 was organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department so sand sculptors could display their skills and beachgoers could appreciate their works.

This year, 20 teams participated in the competition, including nine teams in the open division, six in the student (primary schools) division, three in the student (secondary schools) division and two in the disabled division. The competition was a great opportunity for sand sculptors to share their creativity and to build team spirit.

Each participating team had to finish their work in an area of about three metres by four metres within two hours.

When the competition was over, eye-catching sand sculptures adorned the beach. Spectators feasted their eyes on these creations which exhibited sculptors' different creative ideas and skilled craftsmanship.

Judging was based on skills, creativity, aesthetics and relevance to the themes.

Winners of today's competition were:

Open division: "Angel's Tear" by "Boy's Team";

Student (secondary schools): "Legend of Beast" by "Lok Sin Tong Ku Chiu Man Secondary School";

Student (primary schools) division: "Family with Love" by "Lok Sin Tong Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Brach) (1)";

Disabled division: "Farewell to Star Ferry" by ˇ§Chi Ying Yauˇ¨.

The overall championship went to "Angel's Tear" by "Boy's Team".

A sand sculpture team representing Hioki City, Kagoshima, was invited to demonstrate their skills. The vivid and unique work entitled "Living, as one, with nature" was much admired by spectators.

Ends/Sunday, December 17, 2006

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