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Publication and Press Releases

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A chance to learn about rare reptiles

Visitors will have a chance to learn more about rare reptiles at the roving Zoo Education Exhibition to be launched at Tuen Mun Park tomorrow (November 4).

The roving exhibition, with a different theme each year, is an annual event staged by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). This yearˇ¦s exhibition on ˇ§The Rare Reptiles Collection of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department" will be mounted at six parks respectively from tomorrow to December 10.

Reptiles are vertebrates and mostly reproduce by laying eggs on land. They have dry and scaly skins. They breathe with lungs and their body temperature varies according to surroundings.

The exhibition will introduce the distribution, habitats, conservation status and diet of more than 20 species of rare and endangered reptiles kept in the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens and Tuen Mun Park.

After learning more about the lives and characteristics of these reptiles, visitors' interest will be enhanced when seeing them in real life at the two parks.

The roving exhibition will first be held at Tuen Mun Park from 10am to 4pm tomorrow and Sunday (November 5).

Visitors to the exhibition in Tuen Mun Park can attend educational talks on the Crocodiles, Testudines, Snakes, Lizards and the conservation of reptiles. Fringe activities including reptiles matching game, reptiles' jagsaw puzzle and reptiles' colouring game and badge making will also be organised.

The itinerary of the roving exhibition at five other parks is as follows:

Venue Period
----- --------

Yuen Long Park November 6 - 12

Tai Po Waterfront Park November 13 - 19

Kowloon Park November 20 - 26

Hong Kong Park November27 - December 3

HK Zoological and December 4 - 10
Botanical Gardens

Ends/Friday, November 3, 2006

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