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Publication and Press Releases

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Public swimming pool improvements satisfactory

Following a series of improvements in public swimming pools in winter, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) will strengthen educational and promotional efforts in the new swimming season to appeal for public cooperation in keeping the pools clean and hygienic.

During a visit to Ma On Shan Swimming Pool today (April 7), Chairman of the Community Sports Committee (CSC), Mr Chau How-chen, and the members learnt about the various improvement measures for public pools.

The CSC was told that the improvement works carried out in winter were all targeted at enhancing hygiene and customer services at the pools. For example, doors were installed or shower curtains were lengthened at shower cubicles to better protect privacy. Hooks and racks were also installed for swimmersˇ¦greater convenience.

Regarding lifesaving services, the CSC noted that in addition to 800 permanent/full-year contract lifeguards, some 450 seasonal lifeguards had already gone into service this swimming season. All seasonal lifeguards have attained the Pool Lifeguard Award/Beach Lifeguard Award issued by the Hong Kong Life Saving Society. More than 80% of the seasonal lifeguards had worked with the LCSD in previous swimming seasons.

Both the seasonal lifeguards and permanent/full-year contract lifeguards have the same entry requirements. The LCSD will provide them with relevant training to familiarise them with the operation of public swimming pools, as well as the procedures and measures for emergencies. To enhance co-operation and ensure the efficiency of life saving operations in any emergency, all lifeguards will have to participate in regular drills.

In past swimming seasons, some pools had to be closed temporarily after vomit or stools were found. To enhance the cleanliness of public pools, the LCSD will launch the Swimming Pool Hygiene Charter, which is targeted at children. With the aid of popular cartoon characters, children, teenagers, their parents and coaches are asked to work together to keep the pools clean.

During the visit, the CSC took note that Water Safety Ambassadors visited primary schools in winter to teach children the significance of water safety and to help instill in them the need for hygiene at public swimming pools.

The LCSD also arranged for schools to visit swimming pools. Through the visits, students learned the importance of keeping swimming pools clean and how other swimmers would be affected if the pool water was soiled.

Speaking after the visit, Mr Chau expressed satisfaction with the arrangements made by the LCSD in the new swimming season and agreed that the measures would help providing safe and hygienic swimming facilities to the public.

"Apart from the effort made by the LCSD, public cooperation is also vital in keeping public swimming pools clean and hygienic," Mr Chau said.

Ends/Friday, April 7, 2006
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