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Publication and Press Releases

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Carnival at Ko Shan celebrates Spring Lantern Festival

People tonight (February 12) enjoyed the Lunar New Year Lantern Carnival at Ko Shan Road Park and Ko Shan Theatre, organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. Spectacular lantern displays and various entertainments filled the carnival with festive atmosphere.

A seven-metre-high spectacular lantern featuring lovers dating under the moon became a popular spot for photo-taking. Other colourful lanterns depicting peony, peacock and goldfish were equally attractive and well-received by the public.

Other programmes included Chinese music, dance, magic, dragon and lion dance performances, golden oldies, Cantonese opera excerpts and roving entertainment are featured. Carnival-goers also joined in the traditional lantern quiz and the popular fortune-telling corner.

Apart from the Lantern Carnival, a spectacular lantern display "Radiant Romance" is now on display at Kowloon Park until February 26.

Greeting visitors at the main entrances at Haiphong Road and Austin Road are lanterns featuring the dragon, phoenix and flowers.

At the fan-shaped pool, spectacular lantern display "Morning Flower and Evening Moon in One String" depicts the legendary Matchmaker pulling the Red String to arrange marriages in the world.

Another set of lanterns "Bonded Couple Saying Love Forever" is set up at the lotus pond illustrating the well-known legendary characters "Cowherd and the Weaving Maiden".

Colourful lantern "Renewal and Blessing in the Fruitful New Year" is put up at the landmark. With 12 coin lanterns representing the 12 ancient Chinese hours, they symbolises good fortune in the coming New Year. Colourful lanterns of flying bats and green bamboos are also displayed at the piazza.

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