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Publication and Press Releases

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Fitness Corners help foster healthy lifestyle among elderly

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department has set up more fitness corners at parks to meet the increasing demand for fitness equipment designed for senior citizens.

There are currently 92 venues with elderly fitness exercise equipment offered free of charge at department parks, playgrounds and sitting-out areas in 18 districts.

Noting that the department has been committed to providing recreation and sports facilities for people of different ages and physiques, a spokesman said the elderly population had been rising in recent years, and so was the demand for recreation and sports facilities by senior citizens.

"In response to the trend, the department, in consultation with the Department of Health, has introduced more than 10 types of fitness equipment in its parks, playgrounds and sitting-out areas in various districts since January, 2002.

"With this equipment, the elderly can stretch their muscles and improve their level of co-ordination while enjoying the fun of doing exercise. By forming the habit of regular exercise, they can foster a healthier lifestyle.

"The ground on which the fitness equipment is set up is carpeted by resilient mats, and instructions are displayed to advise the elderly how to use the equipment safely."

"The colourful equipment can make the environment look energetic," the spokesman said.

A number of fitness corners have been set up in various districts in the past few years, offering tailor-made facilities to the elderly. Last year (2005), fitness corners were set up at 26 department venues.

The fitness equipment installed in the corners includes the Rider, Tai Chi Wheels, Pull-down Machine, Twister and Stepper, Ring Walk, Upper Back Stretch, Calf Stretch, Climbing Shoulder Stretch, Back Stretch and Push-ups, Bicycle Stepper, Up and Down Station, Push Hand, Stepping Platform and Upper Back Stretcher.

"We will continue to install this fitness equipment at suitable venues where the elderly will find it even more conveniently to do exercise regularly," the spokesman said.

Ends/Monday, January 30, 2006

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