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Publication and Press Releases

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Public safety is LCSD's prime concern

Public safety is the prime consideration of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) in considering requests to erect temporary structures in its venues to facilitate public gatherings, an LCSD spokesman said today (December 11).

Hence, it has been the established policy of LCSD to require hirers of its venues for non-designated uses to take out third party liability insurance and provide certification of structural safety to cover the erection of temporary structures, according to the spokesman.

The Hong Kong People¡¦s Alliance on World Trade Organization (HKPAWTO) has earlier requested to erect tall temporary structures inside Victoria Park for its MC6 related public activities.

¡§Due to the prime consideration of public safety, we have been actively liaising with HKPAWTO in the past few weeks to address the public safety requirements.

¡§After repeated negotiations with HKPAWTO, they have finally agreed to take the following measures to reduce the risk to the minimum: The height of the public address system towers will be lowered and the towers will be fenced off with stationed marshals monitoring the structures. The structured backdrop for the stage will be replaced by a banner. Sculptures will be laid down horizontally on the ground.

¡§HKPAWTO has also just advised that the Danish sculptor has acquired a third party liability insurance policy for the sculptures. Upon verification of the scope of the insurance policy and certification of the structural stability of the sculptures, approval may be given for these sculptures to be erected upright. Given the circumstances and the measures taken by HKPAWTO, we consider that the public safety angle has been addressed,¡¨ the spokesman concluded.

Ends/Sunday, December 11, 2005

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