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Publication and Press Releases

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Public reminded not to feed birds at LCSD venues

To maintain personal hygiene, keep public places clean and prevent germs that may be carried by birds, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (October 29) urged the public not to feed birds at its venues or contact wild birds.

An LCSD spokesman said, "Feeding birds at LCSD venues may attract wild birds to congregate and these birds may roost near the aviaries. The food remnants and bird droppings will affect hygiene and inconvenience the venue users. Also, it may cause diseases spreading, affecting public health."

It is an offence to feed birds, the spokesman added.

As stipulated in the Pleasure Grounds Regulations Cap. 132 Section 11, no one shall in any pleasure ground feed or attempt to feed birds kept or found in the venue.

Conspicuous notices have been displayed at LCSD”¦s parks to remind people not to feed birds or have contact with wild birds.

The public are advised to wash their hands thoroughly in case of having contacted birds, their droppings or secretions.

The LCSD staff have stepped up patrolling to urge people not to feed or contact the birds either kept or found at the venues.

Anyone who fails to comply with the regulation will be prosecuted.

"Apart from the above measures, the Department will also closely monitor the health conditions of the birds kept at its venues. Our staff will strictly observe the guidelines for handling dead wild birds found. The dead birds will be sent to the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department for testing avian flu," the spokesman added.

He continued, "The cleansing work at the venues has been enhanced so as to upkeep the hygiene of the public places."

Ends/Saturday, October 29, 2005
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