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Publication and Press Releases

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Charmers of Cantonese cinema recapture days of glory in HK Film Archive

A new exhibition featuring seven charismatic actors from Cantonese cinema will run at the Hong Kong Film Archive until October 9.

¡§Captivating Charmers of Cantonese Cinema¡¨ celebrates the screen presence of seven handsome stars -- Ng Cho-fan and Cheung Ying, two classic actors who reigned over Hong Kong cinema for more than 30 years; heart-throb Patrick Tse Yin, dancing star Wu Fung; and Kenneth Tsang, Lui Kay and Alan Tang, all romantic leads.

Known for his ability to take on many different roles, Ng Cho-fan was widely acclaimed during his 40-year career in Cantonese cinema. Ng, with his large build, deep voice and brilliant acting skills, played fine, upstanding characters and great lovers; he also played villains, gangster bosses, heartless tycoons, adulterers and cruel officials. His celebrated performance in¡§Melody in Life¡¨(1937) won him the title of¡§Best Actor of South China¡¨.

Nicknamed the¡§Leading man with a thousand faces¡¨, Cheung Ying played countless roles in more than 400 films and was popular for his handsome face and outstanding acting.

Patrick Tse Yin started his film career in the 1950s. Discovered by director Chun Kim, Tse soon became a big star and gained a flock of female fans. Be it tragedy, comedy or serious drama, his charm shines through all the characters he played with his handsome face and sense of humour. He still appears occasionally on screen, most recently in Stephen Chow's¡§Shaolin Football¡¨.

Good-natured and good-looking Wu Fung is well liked by women audiences of all ages. He appeared in more than 300 films. He is still active in film and television and enjoys great popularity.

Kenneth Tsang Kong's good looks, agility and wickedly attractive smile all contribute to his star quality. Even his bespectacled scholarly look affords him great screen presence. His Hollywood film appearances include¡§The Replacement Killers¡¨, ¡§Anna and the King¡¨,¡§Die Another Day¡¨, and¡§Memoirs of a Geisha¡¨.

Charming and fashionable Lui Kay was always in top form in front of the camera. With his seductive eyes and loving smile, Lui is irresistible to his female admirers. His roles with his leading lady, Connie Chan Po-chu, in¡§Forget Not Tonight¡¨, ¡§Movie-fan Princess¡¨and¡§Girls are Flowers¡¨are strikingly memorable.

When Alan Tang began his acting career in the 1960s, he was a secondary school student and he captured the hearts of many teenage girls. In the 1970s, he branched out to direct his own films and run his own workshops. Later, he established a film production company and produced a number of quality films, including two world-acclaimed movies by director Wong Kar-wai.

The exhibition opens daily from 10am to 8pm, except Thursdays. Admission is free. For programme enquiries, call 2739 2139 or visit the website http://www.filmarchive.gov.hk .

Ends/Friday, July 15, 2005
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