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Publication and Press Releases

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Exhibition analyses the properties and applications of ozone

"Ozone Application", a new exhibition of the Science News Corner, will run at the Hong Kong Science Museum from tomorrow (July 9) until November 6, 2005.

The exhibition focuses on the demonstration and display of feasible modern ozone applications widely used in our daily lives and commercial industries. It also introduces the latest research findings, developed by the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, which allow the public to learn about ozone and its correct applications.

Ozone, in Greek, means "fresh air". It is a trivalent form of oxygen. Formed naturally from oxygen in the atmosphere as a result of lightning or high-energy from UV radiation, ozone can also be artificially generated by corona discharge and photochemical reaction.

With strong oxidising and self-decomposing properties, ozone cannot be stored but it is omnipresent in nature. In the atmosphere, it serves as a shield for protecting people from UV light. It can also be used as a bleach, a deodorising agent, and a disinfectant in our daily lives and commercial industries. However, a high level of ozone will affect people's health.

The Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology of the Hong Kong Polytechnic are active in ozone research on its properties and the related phenomena with special focus on its domestic applications and commercial use in Hong Kong. One of the key areas of research is the application of ozone technology in effective disinfection and the findings will also be featured in the exhibition.

The Science Museum is located at 2 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon. It is open from 1pm to 9pm from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 9pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. It is closed on Thursdays (except public holidays). Admission is $25, with a half-price concession applicable to full-time students, people with disabilities and senior citizens aged 60 or above. Admission is free on Wednesdays.

For enquiries, call 2732 3232 or visit the Science Museum's website at http://hk.science.museum for further information.

Ends/Friday, July 8, 2005
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