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Publication and Press Releases

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Spectacular "A Blaze of Blessings" lantern display on show at Kowloon Park

A spectacular lantern display entitled "A Blaze of Blessings" will light up Kowloon Park from today (February 4) in celebration of the Lunar New Year.

The free exhibition presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department runs until March 13, adding colour to the festive season.

The lantern display, located near the Land Mark in the park, features the traditional custom "Communal Parade" of the Lunar New Year. Depicting dragon dance under the direction of a silk pearl ball and the umbrella-shaped parasol, the lanterns symbolise the wish to obtain the blessings from the dragon, as well as a prosperous year with good harvest. In addition to the dragon lantern parade, there are also vivid lanterns of drum dance, lion dance, bamboo-horse riding and stilt walking.

Displayed at the Land Mark are four other groups of lanterns: "Niannian Youyu" (Profusion Years After Years), "Ruyi Jixiang" (Contentment and Luck), "Sanyang Qitai" (Full Bloom of Sanyang - Heralding Peace and Brightness) and "Fugui Pingan" (Prosperity and Harmony).

Lantern "Niannian Youyu" features lotus and a pair of carps which symbolise "profusion years after years". The lotus (lianhua) is a symbol for "being rich continuously" while the carp (liyu) is an icon for "excess" or "more than enough".

Lantern "Ruyi Jixiang" comprises "ruyi", a Chinese ornament representing contentment and a pile of tangerines. In Cantonese, tangerine puns with the Chinese word "luck". With its rich golden color, it carries the image of a fullness of wealth. A pile of tangerines denotes the upsurge of fortune and luck.

The three lively goats in the lantern group "Sanyang Qitai" signify good fortune. "Sanyang Qitai" is also an auspicious greeting mentioned in The Book of Yi. The first lunar month is the time during which light (yang) outgrows darkness (yin); spring takes over winter and life surges back.

In "Fugui Pingan", a bouquet of peonies is arranged in a vase as the metaphor of prosperity and harmony. Over the years, peony is acclaimed as the flower of richness because of its unique quality of gracefulness that embodies the beauty of color, aroma and shape.

Festive flowers are also displayed in the lotus pond of the Chinese garden and ever-revolving pinwheels fill the Piazza with spirit of vitality of Lunar New Year.

For more information on the lantern display, please call 2591 1340 or visit the website: http://www.lcsd.gov.hk/eo

Ends/Friday, February 4, 2005
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