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Publication and Press Releases

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Free theatrical and martial arts performances at Victoria Park tomorrow

New Vision Arts Festival will organise a free outdoor performance "Flowing Water with Drifting Clouds" at the Central Lawn, Victoria Park tomorrow (November 7) from 3pm to 5pm, featuring theatre performance by the U Theatre of Taiwan and Chinese martial arts demonstration by Hong Kong Wushu Union.

The U Theatre will perform the excerpts of "Meeting with Vajrasattva" and "The Sound of Ocean" from 3pm to 3.45pm. Inspired by Vajrasattva, the god of wisdom in Tibetan Buddhism, U Theatre created "Meeting with Vajrasattva" which is about the journey of a man who faces his fear into unknown territory, a journey from questioning everything to accepting everything. It will bring the audiences a visual feast of of martial arts, drumming, dance and chanting.

"The Sound of Ocean", is about "water", or the life of "water" that exists in the heart. From small drops to flowing rivers, water finds its way to the ocean, then flows into the heart of the ocean and further into the "unknown". This is the kind of enlightenment this performance tries to discover in the "unknown".

Chinese Wushu has a long history and a great variety in its forms. It is not only a sport for exercising physical strength but also an artistic form which enlightens one's mind and soul. The performance by Hong Kong Wushu Union from 3.45pm will show the vividness and great variety of Chinese Wushu including various martial art forms like sword, sabre, cudgel, spear, fists fights and armed sparring.

U Theatre was founded in 1988 to practise tai chi, martial arts, drumming and most important of all, to meditate. Since its inception, U Theatre has set its base in Laochuan Mountain Theatre. The theatre hopes to bring inner peace to the world through the sound of heavenly drums. Over the years, U Theatre has participated in numerous international arts festivals.

"Hong Kong Wushu Union" was founded in 1987. The union aims at uniting various local Wushu (martial arts) groups to promote martial arts to the international world. Having her base in Hong Kong, the Union's work throughout these years has been recognised by the society and Wushu has been selected as one of the highlights in local sports development.

"Flowing Water with Drifting Clouds" is the outdoor performance of the New Vision Arts Festival presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. The arts festival will run until November 21, showcasing a series of remarkable arts performances and events with East-West cultural integration enriched with modern Asian elements. It also offers workshops, exhibitions, meet-the-artist sessions and outdoor performances.

Ends/Saturday, November 6, 2004
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