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Publication and Press Releases

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All LCSD pools meet high hygienic standards

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has advanced cleaning equipment and sterilisation systems and conducts regular water quality tests to ensure the pools are clean and hygienic in all its 36 swimming pools.

In response to a news report today (August 20) about the discovery of "red worms" in the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool, the LCSD's Assistant Director of Leisure Services, Mr Paul Cheung, today gave a media briefing on the daily cleaning and disinfection at the pool.

Mr Cheung noted that tests of the water quality and the filtration system proved that its pool water was up to standard and suitable for swimming.

In order to confirm the source of the "red worms", the LCSD has invited experts from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD), Water Services Department (WSD), Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) and the Department of Health to join in a detailed on-site study at the Kowloon Park Swimming Pool tonight.

Mr Cheung said, "We took immediate action once we received complaints from swimmers about the "red worms". These included cleaning up of the worms and enhancing disinfection work at the pool.

"We have invited the EMSD to check the sterilisation and filtration systems and received confirmation that both systems were operating normally.

"We have also submitted specimens of the "red worms" to the FEHD for examination. It is reported that the insects belonged to the family of Chironomidae which were unable to spread any detrimental diseases to human beings," Mr Cheung added.

"At present, we have not received reports of "red worms" in any other of our swimming pools.

"During the pool opening season, separate specimens of pool water are sent to the WSD and the Department of Health on a monthly basis for chemical and bacteriological tests. Tests on the pool water samples will be done on an hourly basis, and thorough disinfection and cleaning will be carried out at the pools every day.

"Furthermore, we have stepped up daily cleaning and anti-mosquito operations at the pools," Mr Cheung said.

Ends/Friday, August 20, 2004
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