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Publication and Press Releases
Space Museum takes audience on Australia journey

"Australia: Land Beyond Time", a new Omnimax show currently being screened at the Space Theatre of Hong Kong Space Museum until September 30 brings audiences into the beautiful landscapes and a world filled with flourishing wildlife creatures, which developed over ages in Australia.

Australia was part of the super continent of Gondwana more than 40 million years ago. As this huge land mass broke up, Australia drifted north into the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean, while its sister continent, Antarctica, remained trapped at the South Pole.

Nestled in the Earth's southern hemisphere, Australia is comparable in size to the United States and is the largest island in the world. Isolated from the other continents for millions of years, its plants and animals evolved in a unique way. Platypus, koala and kangaroo are among the animal species found only there. Animals of abundant variety are also found in the arid continent, with up to 47 species of lizards in just one area and 4,000 species of ants.

Another amazing attraction of Australia is Ayers Rock, or "Uluru". As the spiritual centre of the continent and the world's largest exposed rock, Uluru, which changes colour depending on light and atmospheric conditions, creates one of the most striking scenes of Australia.

The 40-minute Omnimax show "Australia: Land Beyond Time" will present to the audience not only the extraordinary creatures of Australia but also its dramatic natural environment. It will explore every exciting corner of Australia all the way through Uluru, the miles of red, weathered sand dunes that characterise Australia's famed Outback, to the cascading waterfalls and scattered rainforests.

The Omnimax show is screened at 3.50pm and 7.20pm daily at the Space Theatre of the Museum. There is an additional show at 12.20pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The Space Museum is closed on Tuesday (except public holidays). Tickets are available at the Space Museum Box Office and at all URBTIX outlets at $24 (front stalls) and $32 (stalls), with a half-price concession for full-time students, senior citizens and people with disabilities.

The Space Museum is located at 10 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui. For further information, call 2721 0226 or visit the Museum's website at http://hk.space.museum/ .

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