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Publication and Press Releases

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New floral attraction adds fragrance to Tai Po Park


The new giant floral display at Tai Po Waterfront Park is expected to become a magnet for visitors and photographers, promoting respect for the beauty of nature and educating the public about plants and their great variety of uses.

"It's hoped that the display will promote green consciousness," a spokesman for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) said today (October 4).

The display is part of LCSD's Landscape Improvement Project.

Located near the Spiral Lookout Tower, the display is in the shape of a fan. Its gentle slopes are covered with a colourful assortment of seven different types of flowers.

"We hope that the display will be an attraction for visitors, both local and from the Mainland," the spokesman said. "They can appreciate the beautiful scenery and take good pictures with the display as background. They can also enjoy other recreational facilities in the park.

"To promote green education, we have also erected signs at the floral display that draw attention to interesting facts about the flowers. For instance, they will learn that Garden Petunias and Torenia can be dried and used as bookmarks, whereas Celosia is commonly used by herbalists".

Other attractions of the park include the Spiral Lookout Tower, the Western Garden, the Insect House and the Ecological Garden. All are popular spots for photo taking.

The park is conveniently located near other attractions in Tai Po, ranging from the historic (the Hong Kong Railway Museum, King Law Ka Shuk Ancestral Hall, and the Wishing Trees), to the sports-oriented (the water sport center and cycling trail at Tai Mei Tuk) and the sylvan (the Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve).

End/Saturday, October 4, 2003

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