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Publication and Press Releases

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Police Force wins Corporate Games Championship


The Hong Kong Police Force today (January 5) won for the third consecutive year the overall championship in the annual Corporate Games organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

The Corporate Games 2002 comprised competitions in 15 sports held at various venues between July 2002 and January this year: Chinese chess, tenpin bowling, basketball, tennis, swimming, 7-a-side mini soccer, snooker, badminton, 11-a-side soccer, indoor rowing, volleyball, aquathon (swimming and running), canoeing, track and field, and table-tennis.

Eleven thousand and five hundred people from a record 226 organisations took part in the games.

Prizes to the winners and the overall champion were presented by Acting Assistant Director of Leisure and Cultural Services (Leisure Services), Johnny Chan Tung-shing, at Osman Ramju Sadick Memorial Sports Centre, after the last finals, in table-tennis, were held there today.

"The Corporate Games are aimed at encouraging the working population to participate in recreation and sports activities in their spare time, as well as promoting communication and a sense of belonging among employees," Mr Chan said.

The overall results of the 15 competitions are as follows:

Competition Champion

Chinese Chess United Asia Finance Limited

Tenpin Bowling Hong Kong Police Force

Basketball Kinetix Systems Limited

Tennis Hong Kong Police Force

Swimming Hong Kong Police Force

7-a-side Mini-soccer Hale Textile Ltd.

(Group A)

7-a-side Mini-soccer Goodwin Health Care Holding Ltd.

(Group B)

Snooker MTR Corporation Limited

Badminton(Group A) Hong Kong Police Force

Badminton(Group B) Glory Peace Engineering Co., Ltd.

11-a-side Soccer Hale Textile Limited

(Group A)

11-a-side Soccer Rimol Group Company

(Group B)

Volleyball Hong Kong Police Force

Aquathon Hong Kong Fire Services Department

Canoeing Hong Kong Police Force

Indoor Rowing Hong Kong Police Force

Track & Field A.S. Watson & Co., Ltd.

Table-tennis Hong Kong Police Force

End/Sunday, January 5, 2003

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