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Publication and Press Releases

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Aviary Pagoda in Yuen Long Park is reopened

     The Aviary Pagoda in Yuen Long Park has been reopened in accordance with guidelines issued by the Food and Health Bureau.

     The Aviary Pagoda had been closed since December 9 as a precautionary measure against the spread of avian influenza. The Leisure and Cultural Services Department said today (December 30) that there had been no new case of birds infected with avian flu virus for the past 21 days within a three-kilometre radius of the park.

     A spokesman for the department said that during the closure period, the Senior Veterinary Officer and staff had kept a close watch on the health of the birds in the Aviary Pagoda as well as the aviaries in Hong Kong Park, Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens and Kowloon Park. All birds there were in a satisfactory health condition.

     "We will remain vigilant and keep cleansing the aviaries three times a day to maintain a high level of hygiene," the spokesman said.

     He reminded people to observe good personal hygiene and not to touch birds or their droppings when visiting the aviaries or parks.

     Signs have been put up at the venues to warn visitors not to touch the birds or the droppings.

     The spokesman said visitors should not feed birds at the parks and anyone found doing so would be prosecuted.

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