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Government and 18 District Councils fully support EAG

     The Government has pledged full support for the 2009 East Asia Games (EAG). Substantial resources have been invested to construct a new sports ground in Tseung Kwan O and upgrade the existing sports venues to meet the required international standards for holding the EAG events.

     The Director of Leisure and Cultural Services, Mr Thomas Chow, and the Chief Executive Officer of the 2009 East Asian Games (Hong Kong) Limited, Mr Johnny Woo, today (November 20) briefed the chairmen of the District Councils on the progress of the preparatory work for the EAG. Mr Chow told them that the construction and upgrading works of the EAG venues had started one after the other and were expected to be completed by mid-2009 as scheduled.

     The Games will be held at 21 public and private venues, which are located in more than 10 districts in Hong Kong. Thirteen existing government venues are undergoing upgrading and improvement works, including upgrading of ventilation and lighting systems, replacement or improvement of seats, and enhancement of facilities for people with disabilities.

     These new and upgraded facilities, other than facilitating the Games, will help further promote the long-term development of sports in Hong Kong and provide better quality sports and recreation facilities to the public.

     Mr Woo said that there was a dedicated official website, gallery and souvenir shop of the EAG. The souvenir shop, located at the ground level of Hong Kong Park Sports Centre, not only sold souvenirs, but also ran as a social entrepreneurship model to provide vocational training and employment opportunities for underprivileged groups.

     He said that the Games volunteer scheme had started. The volunteers recruited will be assisting in the preparation and reception, hospitality, security, media, administration and logistics areas during the Games. He appealed for the District Councils' support in encouraging and organising the community, organisations and schools to participate.

     Mr Chow said that the support and participation of various sectors in the community were essential for the Games to be held successfully.

     "District Councils play a very vital role in issues at district level. We cordially invite all the District Councils to help promote and organise activities in support of the Games," Mr Chow said.

     "The support of the District Councils will mobilise the public to actively participate in the Games and boost the atmosphere within the community. The 2009 EAG is not only a sports event, but also a community involvement event. We will keep co-ordinating with the District Councils in organising a successful 2009 EAG."

     The District Councils chairmen and vice-chairmen at the meeting expressed strong support for the 2009 EAG in Hong Kong. They also indicated that the District Councils would co-operate and participate actively in this major event of the Hong Kong community.

     The 2009 Games, consisting of 23 sports with 1,700 events to be held from December 5-13, are the first and largest scale multi-sports games organised by Hong Kong. Nine countries/regions - China, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Hong Kong China, Japan, Korea, Macau China, Mongolia, Chinese Taipei and Guam - will participate in the Games to compete for more than 280 gold medals.

Ends/Thursday, November 20, 2008


The 18 District Council chairmen and vice-chairmen today (November 20) expressed support for the 2009 East Asian Games and undertook to help to publicise the event.




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