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Publication and Press Releases

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New arrangements for Leisure Link Patron registration

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) has announced that under new arrangements to be implemented starting from today (August 20), documents other than the Hong Kong identity card (HKID) will not be accepted for online Leisure Link Patron (LLP) registrations.

     "It has come to the attention of the department that some hirers of facilities used different documents to apply for multiple LLPs online, thereby exceeding the quota set for individual booking of our facilities for peak hours, that is, a maximum of two hours' use per day during peak hours for using each type of facility per venue," a department spokesman said.

     To minimise abuse of the LLP and maintain fairness in the booking of facilities, the LCSD will not accept documents other than HKID for online LLP registrations with effect from today.

     Residents of Hong Kong who wish to become LLPs should register with their HKID number. They can apply for LLP online or download the application form from the LCSD's website www.lcsd.gov.hk and return the completed form to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre by fax or mail. Children aged 11 or below who do not have an HKID can apply with their Hong Kong birth certificate.

     Visitors or people who are permitted to stay in Hong Kong but do not have HKIDs can apply for Leisure Link Temporary Patron (LLTP) registration. Applicants should complete the application form and bring along their valid travel documents bearing photographs in person to the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre to process their applications. The application form can be downloaded from the LCSD's website and is also available at Leisure Link counters.

     The Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre is located on 5M/F, Kwun Chung Municipal Services Building, 17 Bowring Street, Jordan, Kowloon. It operates from 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday and is closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

     Each visitor to Hong Kong can apply for LLTP once only. A visitor possessing passports of more than one country can use one of the passports to apply for temporary patron registration and has to declare that it is the only LLTP registration.

     The validity period of an LLTP registration is six months. Visitors who are granted extension of stay may bring along their valid travel documents bearing photographs and re-apply for registration in person at the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre before the six-month validity period expires.

     The spokesman stressed that current registered patrons will not be affected under the new arrangements. However, if an applicant furnishes false information in the registration form or fails to observe the Conditions of Use of Leisure Link System, the LCSD will cancel his or her patron registration or any other registrations made with false information. The LCSD may also take other actions as appropriate to prevent irregularities in applications.

     If an applicant provides false information in the application form or does not comply with the Condition of Use of Leisure Link System, his or her patron registration will be cancelled.

     Patrons of the Leisure Link System can book leisure facilities more easily and speedily by creating customised booking files.

     For enquiries, please visit the LCSD's website or call the hotline of the Leisure Link Telephone Services Centre at 2314 7702.

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