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Publication and Press Releases

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Old and Valuable Tree at Nathan Road removed today

     An Old and Valuable Tree (OVT) at Park Lane Shoppers' Boulevard, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, was removed today (August 8) by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD), following the recommendation of the Expert Panel on Tree Management that the tree should be removed to protect public safety.

     The OVT, a Ficus microcarpa, listed as LCSD YTM/11 on the Register of Old and Valuable Trees, was found to be infected with brown root rot disease.

     The Tree Management Office under the Development Bureau and the LCSD made further detailed inspection of the OVT on July 31.

     The inspection report, including tomograph and resistograph tests, showed that the extent of the cavity at the trunk base was deep and wide, and structural defects were also found near the top of the tree trunk. The roots could not provide extra support either as the boulders beneath the surface surrounding the tree trunk had restricted the penetration of aerial roots to the appropriate grade level. The overall structural condition of the tree was therefore not satisfactory.

     As the condition of the OVT may deteriorate abruptly, the Expert Panel on Tree Management recommended on August 3 that the OVT should be removed to protect public safety and to contain the spread of the brown root rot fungi.

     The LCSD will continue to closely monitor and maintain the other 34 OVTs in the area.

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