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Publication and Press Releases

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New phase of HK Cultural Centre Arts and Crafts Fair ready to begin

     The Hong Kong Cultural Centre (HKCC) will launch the new phase of the Arts and Crafts Fair from August 21, 2011, to July 29, 2012, to enrich the arts experience for visitors.

     Organised by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the fair provides a platform for arts practitioners to showcase their works and share their creativity with visitors as well as to enhance the HKCC as a hub for creative arts.

     A wide variety of arts services including live photography, painting, portraits, sketching, silhouette cutting, calligraphy and stalls selling self-made handicrafts will be available at the fair.

     Visitors are welcome to share the joy of arts at the Piazza of the HKCC beside the beautiful scenic view of Victoria Harbour.

     Photography services will operate daily from 7pm to 10pm while other live services as well as sales of handicrafts will mainly occur from 2pm to 6pm on Sundays and selected public holidays.

     Enquiries can be made on 2734 2009.

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