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Publication and Press Releases

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Bun scrambling competition concludes with success

     The festive Bun Scrambling Competition, the finale of the 2011 Bun Carnival, was completed early this morning (May 11) on the soccer pitch, Pak Tai Temple Playground, Cheung Chau attracting about 1 500 spectators to witness the fierce competition.

     After the nail biting contest, the championship of the men's team went to Mr Cheung Man-cheung (contestant no. 3), who scored 919 marks. The first runner-up, Mr Zenon Chan Ka-shing (contestant no. 1), scored 786 marks, while the second runner-up went to Mr Yip Kin-man (contestant no. 10), who scored 772 marks. The winner of the women's team was Miss Lisa Cheng Lai-sho (contestant no. 8), scoring 687 marks.

     The Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Raymond Young, kicked off the competition by hitting a gong. Nine male and three female finalists immediately started climbing the 14-metre-tall bun tower to snatch as many buns as they could in three-minute time.

     Divided into three zones, the bun tower was studded with buns from top to bottom, with each bun carrying a score of nine, three and one respectively in each zone. Words in different colours were printed on the bottom of the buns for identification. The contestant who has obtained the highest total scores from all the buns grabbed was the champion. Results of the men's team and the women's team were ranked separately.

     Teams from Macau and Shenzhen competed against the teams from Cheung Chau in the invitation relay. Two members of each team had to get specified buns at the top of the bun tower in relay in the shortest time. The Spirit Sports Association won the championship in 2 minutes and 4.43 seconds while Shenzhen Mountaineering & Outdoor Sport Association was the first runner-up in a time of 2 minutes and 12.35 seconds. The second runner-up, the Petrel Athletic Association, took 2 minutes and 14.50 seconds to finish the race.

     The 2011 Bun Carnival is jointly organised by the Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival Committee and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department between April 23 and May 11, with the support of the Cheung Chau Wai Chiu County Association Limited, the Cheung Chau Rural Committee, the Islands District Office and the Hong Kong Mountaineering Union, and is sponsored by Lukfook Jewellery, Watsons Water and the Islands District Council. A wide array of activities, including the Bun Scrambling Competition, play-ins during the climbing carnival and invitation relays, are staged during the period.

Ends/Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The lion dance performance before the Bun Scrambling Competition.


The Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs, Mr Raymond Young, beating a gong to kick start the competition.


Officiating guests posing with winners.


Mr Cheung Man-cheung (contestant no.3) tops the men's team.


Miss Lisa Cheng Lai-sho (contestant no. 8) (third left) becomes the winner of the women's team.




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