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Publication and Press Releases

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LCSD responds to venue hiring application

     In response to media enquires on an organisation's application for using the basketball court of Lockhart Road Playground to hold an event, a spokesman for the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (September 30) reiterated that the application was turned down solely on public safety grounds. The decision was not related in any way to religious or political considerations.

     "The department has all along been processing venue hiring applications in accordance with the established procedures," the spokesman said.

     The organisation concerned had applied to use the basketball court of Lockhart Road Playground to hold an event on October 16 which will be attended by about 200 people.  

     "There is only one basketball court in the Playground with limited space.  Given our responsibility to ensure public safety for events held at our venues, and the need to allow a buffer in case the attendance exceeded the hirer's expected turnout, the venue management considered the Playground not suitable for holding the event in question," the spokesman said.  

     "The department is engaging in a continuous dialogue with the organisation with a view to facilitating their use of a LCSD venue for holding the event. We welcome the organisation concerned to apply for the use of another LCSD venue in the same district, and have offered the Southorn Playground which is bigger and located in the district."

     The spokesman added that upon receipt of its application, the department would process the application expeditiously.

     In fact, the organisation concerned has applied for the use of other LCSD venues for holding similar events on many occasions in the past and permission had been granted.

Ends/Thursday, September 30, 2010


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