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Publication and Press Releases

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LCSD continues to follow up tree collapse incident in Central

     Staff of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) today (June 28) continued their follow-up investigations into the collapse of a Chinese banyan tree at Battery Path in Central. Staff of the Tree Management Office of the Development Bureau also went to the site to offer assistance.

     LCSD staff last inspected the tree on March 31 this year during which no irregularities or signs of decay were found on the tree crown, branches, trunk and the surface of the tree roots. Following the tree collapse, the department inspected the exposed soil and bottom parts of the tree roots and found that part of the exposed tree roots had shown some unhealthy signs. Based on the observations at the scene, the tree collapsed due to the heavy rainfall in recent days which led to soil erosion of the surface of the slope and massive water intake by the tree crown and thus weight gain.

     As the tree was located inside an amenity plot, its living environment was confined to a certain extent. Notwithstanding this, LCSD staff had all along been monitoring the health of the tree. Regular tree maintenance work had been conducted including trimming to reduce the weight of the tree crown.

     Meanwhile, members of LCSD's tree team today conducted another inspection of the other trees inside the Battery Path Amenity Plot managed by the department and no irregularities were found. Subsequent to the co-ordination of the Tree Management Office of the Development Bureau, staff from the Architectural Services Department and the Highways Department also inspected the trees along the Battery Path today and no immediate follow-up actions were required. The departments concerned would continue to closely monitor the conditions of the trees there.

     The LCSD will maintain trees under its custody with care and prudence and has stepped up inspection work in various districts. It will take prompt follow-up actions as necessary to enhance tree maintenance work to ensure public safety.

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