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Publication and Press Releases

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LCSD responds to the charge for alleged bribery and subvention fraud against bodybuilding association chairman

    In response to the media enquiries on the charge for alleged bribery and subvention fraud laid against the Chairman of Hong Kong China Bodybuilding and Fitness Association, the Leisure and Cultural Services Department today (August 19) made the following response:

    "As the case has entered into legal proceeding , we have no further comments on it.
    "The department has been providing subvention to National Sports Associations and sports bodies to carry out sports promotion activities. We have an established system in place to allocate and monitor the use of such funding. We review the system from time to time with advice from the ICAC and other government departments with a view to seeking continual improvement to the system so as to ensure that public money will be used in a proper manner.

    "This is an isolated incident. Local sport sectors and the East Asian Games will not be affected."

Ends/Wednesday, August 19, 2009


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