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Publication and Press Releases

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Cleansing arrangements stepped up at LCSD facilities to ensure hygiene

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced today (August 11) that a lifeguard of the Hin Tin Swimming Pool in Sha Tin, who had been on sick leave, was confirmed yesterday afternoon to have been infected with human swine influenza.

     The department has enhanced cleansing and disinfection measures for pool facilities and pool water while swimmers and staff of the pool have also been informed of the case.

     The lifeguard of the Hin Tin Swimming Pool sought medical consultation on the night of August 8 after having flu symptoms. He was granted sick leave from August 9. He was confirmed yesterday afternoon to have contracted human swine influenza. Once the department was informed of the case, it stepped up the cleansing and disinfection arrangements for the swimming pool facilities and pool water in accordance with the departmental guidelines and advice of the Centre for Health Protection. It has also informed staff of the swimming pool of the condition of the lifeguard and notified swimmers by posting notices at the swimming pool complex. The concerned lifeguard would only resume duty upon full recovery.

     Operation of the Hin Tin Swimming Pool remains normal. Staff are advised to seek medical consultation if they have any flu symptoms. The department has stepped up cleansing and disinfection at public areas, first-aid room and lifeguard rest room of the swimming pool.

     The department has been closely monitoring the sterilisation system and pool water of the swimming pool and maintaining cleanliness in accordance with the advice of the Department of Health. During the opening of the swimming pool, staff will take pool water samples for tests on a regular basis to ensure that the water is up to hygiene standard.

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