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Publication and Press Releases

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Six pools of Morse Park Swimming Pool complex temporarily closed

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department announced today (July 30) some of the pools in the Morse Park Swimming Pool complex have been temporarily closed for checking, sterilisation and cleansing as the E. coli counts of the water samples collected from three pools in the complex have exceeded the prescribed limit while total bacteria counts of two of these three pools also exceeded the limit.

     There are nine pools in the Morse Park Swimming Pool complex. The E. coli counts of the main pool, the secondary pool and the teaching pool No. 3 have exceeded the prescribed limit. Total bacteria counts of water samples collected from the main pool and the teaching pool No. 3 also exceeded the limit. As the pools share the sterilisation and filtration system with three other pools (the diving pool and teaching pools No. 1 and 2), the department believed it is prudent to close the six pools upon receiving the initial water test report. After the closure, superchlorination to the pool water was conducted. Notices have been posted up at the pool complex to inform swimmers.

     Meanwhile, the children's fun pool and two toddler's fun pools remain open to the public.

     The department is studying the cause of the unsatisfactory samples. Initial inspection shows the sterilisation and filtration systems are working properly. Water samples will be collected for further bacteriological tests after the superchlorination. The six pools will be reopened after the water quality is confirmed satisfactory. The test result of the water samples will be available in about 48 hours.

     According to the prescribed limits, the total bacteria count should not exceed 200 in one millilitre of pool water, while no E. coli should be found in 100 millilitres of pool water.

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