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Publication and Press Releases

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Coral tree on Ping Che Road removed for the sake of public safety

     The Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) removed a coral tree on Ping Che Road, Ta Kwu Ling today (May 16) to safeguard public safety. The tree was confirmed to be severely declined and had potential danger of collapse following the department's detailed inspections and analysis of the members of the tree expert group.

     Listed on the Register of Old and Valuable Trees (OVTs) with the registration number N/3, the 14-metre tall coral tree was attacked by Erythrina Gall Wasp (EGW). The tree has been closely monitored and remedial measures including application of insecticide, trimming of branches affected by EGW and installation of cables for additional support were carried out.

     However, the tree was not responding well to the insecticide and recently its health condition has deteriorated drastically. The trunk was attacked by fungi with bark peeling off. Following detailed inspection, the LCSD confirmed that the condition of the tree was seriously declined and had no chance of recovery. It had a potential danger of collapse and posed threat to the traffic and people passing by. Members of the tree expert group agreed with the analysis. In order to safeguard public safety, the department decided to remove the tree.

     The LCSD stressed that it would continue to adopt a prudent approach in managing its trees. Removing a problematic tree would only be the last resort when there is no other viable option to keep it.

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