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Eligibility Criteria and Application Procedure

Eligibility Criteria

Sports organisation who wish to apply must fulfill all the following eligibility criteria:

a. It is a member of the Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China;
b. It is affiliated to the international federation of the respective sport;
c. It is registered under the Companies Ordinance and has Articles of Association;
d. It is a non-profit-making sports organisation;
e. It has been in operation and has organised sports programmes for at least three years; and
f. The sport is one of the sports/potential sports of the following Major Games:


Asian LevelWorld Level

(1) Asian Games

(1) Olympic Games

(2) Asian Winter Games

(2) Olympic Winter Games

(3) Asian Youth Games

(3) Youth Olympic Games

(4) Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games

(4) Winter Youth Olympic Games

(5) Asian Beach Games

(5) World Games

(6) Asian Para Games

(6) Paralympic Games

(7) Asian Youth Para Games

(7) Paralympic Winter Games

Application Procedure

The deadline for application of Sports Subvention Scheme for 2020-21 was 31 August 2019.  Eligible sports organisations who wish to apply for subvention for 2021-22, please refer to the updated information of this page later on.

Application Results

Applicant organisations will be informed of their applications results in writing on or before 31 March 2020.

Subvention Allocation

Successful applicant organisations will be provided with local programme subvention for the first two financial years, during which the subvented organisations must achieve satisfactory performance on development of the sports concerned and fulfilment of relevant requirements. Thereafter consideration will be given to providing these organisations with subvention in relation to their personnel and office expenses subject to availability of funds.


For further information, please contact the Sports Funding Office of the LCSD.

Telephone No.:  2601 8756
Fax No.:   2393 8177