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Young Athletes Training Scheme

The Young Athletes Training Scheme is organised by respective national sports associations (NSAs) and subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

Objective : It aims to identify athletes with potential for further training through systematic and progressive training.  Participants with outstanding performance may be selected to join squads and take part in international competitions.
Target participants : Youngsters with basic skills of the specified sports 
Sports/Disciplines : Athletics, baseball, badminton, basketball, snooker, pool, canoe, cricket, BMX, mountain bike, road and track cycling, dragon boat, fencing, football, acrobatic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics, trampoline, handball, judo, lacrosse, lawn bowls, sport climbing, netball, rowing, squash, diving, artistic swimming, water polo, table-tennis, tennis, triathlon, beach volleyball, volleyball and wushu (Total: 34)
Content of the Scheme : Participants are recruited through open selection.  They will be given progressive training and will take part in inter-district competitions, training camps, promotion activities, etc.  Please contact the respective NSAs listed below for details.
Sports / DisciplinesNational Sports AssociationEnquiry Tel No.Website
1.Athletics Hong Kong Association of Athletic Affiliates Limited 2504 8215
2.Baseball The Hong Kong Baseball Association Limited 2504 8330
3.Badminton Hong Kong Badminton Association Limited 2504 8318
4.Basketball Hong Kong Basketball Association Limited 2504 8181
  (a) Snooker
  (b) Pool
Hong Kong Billiard Sports Control Council Company Limited 2504 8641
6.Canoe The Hong Kong Canoe Union Limited 2723 7168
7.Cricket Cricket Hong Kong Limited 2504 8190
  (a) BMX
  (b) Mountain Bike
  (c) Road and Track Cycling
The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China Limited 2504 8184 /
2504 8171
9.Dragon Boat Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association 3618 7510 /
3618 7512
10.Fencing Hong Kong Fencing Association 2504 8106
11.Football The Hong Kong Football Association Limited 2712 9122
  (a) Acrobatic Gymnastics
  (b) Artistic Gymnastics
  (c) Trampoline
The Gymnastics Association of Hong Kong, China 2504 8233
13.Handball Handball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited 2504 8119
14.Judo The Judo Association of Hong Kong, China 2504 8360
15.Lacrosse China Hong Kong Lacrosse Association Limited 2114 3405
16.Lawn Bowls Hong Kong Lawn Bowls Association 2504 8249
17.Sport Climbing China Hong Kong Mountaineering and Climbing Union Limited 2504 8125
18.Netball Hong Kong Netball Association Limited 2504 8208
19.Rowing Hong Kong, China Rowing Association 2699 7271
20.Squash Hong Kong Squash 2869 0229
  (a) Diving
  (b) Artistic Swimming
  (c) Water Polo
Hong Kong China Swimming Association 2572 8594
22.Table Tennis Hong Kong Table Tennis Association Limited 2575 5330
23.Tennis The Hong Kong Tennis Association Limited 2504 8266
24.Triathlon Hong Kong Triathlon Association Limited 2504 8282
  (a) Beach Volleyball
  (b) Volleyball
Volleyball Association of Hong Kong, China Limited 2771 0108
26.Wushu Hong Kong Wushu Union Limited 2504 8226