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Guide To The Booking Procedure For Use Of Fee Charging Recreation And Sports Facilities

Individual Booking

Individual bookings can be classified into:

  (a) 14-day advance bookings of turf soccer pitches through online balloting
  (b) 10-day advance bookings; and
  (c) on-the-spot bookings

Booking Procedure

Members of the public can make on-the-spot bookings or advance bookings of facilities not taken up by block bookings within 10 days from the current date on a first-come-first-served basis (i.e. booking for 1st to 10th day of the month can be made on 1st day of the month). Registered Leisure Link Patrons are allowed to use the online balloting function via the Leisure Link e-Services System for booking of turf soccer pitches up to 14 days in advance. All booked facilities should only be used for designated function of the facilities. Each hirer shall be permitted to book up to a maximum of two sessions of facility at one time for each type of facility except turf pitches. For turf pitches, only one session would be allowed at one time.

The Leisure Link computerised booking system allows an individual to book a maximum of two hours play per day during peak hours and two hours play per day during non-peak hours for using each type of facility, except the peak hours of popular facilities* and booking of turf pitches (i.e. soccer, hockey, rugby, etc.) as well as archery ranges. The quota of two hours during peak hours for popular facilities will be applicable to the same type of facility at all venues. For example, if an individual has already booked a two-hour session at a tennis court during peak times, he or she will not be able to book another peak-hour session of tennis court on the same day through the Leisure Link System. For turf pitches and archery ranges, a maximum of one session (90 minutes per session) and two sessions (90 minutes per session) would be allowed respectively.

* Popular facilities include badminton courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, table tennis tables and activity rooms etc. and may be revised as determined by the LCSD.

Booking Methods

Members of the public can book the recreation and sports facilities through the following channels:

  (i) Booking counters at leisure venues and District Leisure Services Offices (DLSOs). Hirers have to produce their original of recognized identity documents to prove their identity and proof of qualification (if necessary) when making a booking at any booking office. The recognized identity documents include Hong Kong identity card (HKID); for children aged below 11, they can produce HKID, birth certificate , Document of Identity for Visa Purposes, HKSAR Re-entry or One-way Permit. For non-Hong Kong residents, they can make on-the-spot bookings by producing valid original travel document and can only make advance booking after registered as Leisure Link Temporary Patron. In case of queue, normally a maximum of two permits and/or for two hours play will be processed for each person per visit; or

  (ii) Internet booking / Leisure Link Self-Service Kiosk The hirer should settle payment for the booking immediately by paying the appropriate hire charges via internet / kiosk and print the acknowledgement(s)/ receipt(s) as supporting document(s).


Recreation and sports facilities will be closed on the issue of tropical cyclone signal No. 8, or due to inclement weather or any unforeseen circumstances, or at the discretion of the management when, in its opinion that the facilities are unsuitable for use from safety or operational point of view.

In order to maintain the turf conditions, the natural turf football pitches will be closed under the following situations –

(a) on the issue of Amber rainstorm signal or above;

(b) when more than half of pitch surface is accumulated with rainwater which cannot be discharged within one hour prior to their opening to public use;

(c) when more than half of the bare patches become extremely muddy and slippery after heavy or persistent rainfall, constituting potential safety hazards to users; and

(d) when the officer-in-charge of the venue considers the pitches are unsafe for use from safety or turf maintenance point of view after their thorough site inspections.

If a confirmed booking has to be cancelled owing to the closure of the facility, a mutually acceptable alternative date and time will be arranged. However, this alternative date should be within 15 days from the date of the original booking and the hirer has used the facility for less than half of the booked hour/session before its immediate closure. Applications for reallocation of the facility should be made within 15 days, inclusive of the day of the original booking in person or by a representative with the permit and hirer's identification information at DLSOs and the venue booking counters.

If the original booking is an hour/session within non-peak hours of a day, the reallocated hour/session should be within non-peak hours of the alternative day of the same venue. For peak hour, reallocation is however allowed to be made in either peak or non-peak hours. The hirer is entitled to refund of the difference in charges for reallocation of sessions. If a mutually acceptable alternative date and time cannot be arranged, the hirer may apply for a refund of the hire charge within 30 days, inclusive of the day of the original booking.

Under normal circumstances, application from a hirer to transfer a booking already confirmed by payment to a different time will be deemed to be a cancellation and the fee paid will be forfeited.

Points to Note:

All users of Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) recreation and sports facilities shall observe the Conditions of Use of LCSD Recreation and Sports Facilities.

The hirer shall be one of the players using the booked facility. The hirer must produce the valid permit and is required to produce their identification documents and recognised qualification (if necessary) for verification and registration at the check-in counter before entering the facilities and during the booked session.  

The hirer shall neither transfer nor sell the permit.

The hirer can cancel the booking of facilities by either in writing or by completion of an application form (LCS 841) which can be obtained at any booking counter of the leisure venue or downloaded here. The application should be submitted to any booking counter of leisure venues and produce his/her identity documents for checking, the original permit, acknowledge page printed from e-service, acknowledgement slip printed from the self-service kiosk, where appropriate should be returned together with the completed application form for cancellation. Hirers who have registered as Leisure Link patrons can cancel their booked facilities via the Internet. However, hiring charge paid would be forfeited.

Persons who are (i) aged 60 or above, (ii) full-time students, or (iii) persons with disabilities are eligible for concessionary rates for certain specified periods of time. LCSD shall not allow a hirer to use a facility if he/she is not eligible for concessionary rate but has nonetheless booked the facility with concessionary rate by claiming to be so eligible.


In order to enjoy concessionary rate in the use of facilities, the hirer and all his partner(s) should all be users eligible for concession of the booked session(s). If any partner(s) of the hirers are found not eligible for concessions, the hirer will be required to top up the shortfall between the concessionary rate and normal rate before using the facility. Failure to do so will result in those users who are not eligible for concessions being required to leave the facility. If a non-eligible partner is found to have used a facility at concessionary rate, the hirer is liable to penalty for abuse of the concessionary arrangement. Accompanying carers of persons with disabilities when using facilities that require payment by individual hirers/users (such as table tennis table) are also eligible for concessionary rate on a ratio at 1:1.

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