Running for Health

Running for Health 



Where to Run?

You may run in a number of leisure venues managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) in various districts. In general, all-weather synthetic running tracks in sports grounds (open to the public for jogging when not being used for holding sports days or reserved for other activities), and jogging trails and walking paths in parks also are ideal places for running. The suggested venues listed below are for reference only. You may find your favourite running track according to your needs and interest near your home or place of work.

District Venue
Southern Aberdeen Sports Ground
Ap Lei Chau Wind Tower Park
Ap Lei Chau Service Reservoir Playground
Yuk Kwai Shan Service Reservoir Sitting-out Area
Wong Chuk Hang Service Reservoir Rest Garden
Shum Wan Road Sitting-out Area
Central and Western Belcher Bay Park
Magazine Gap Service Reservoir Playground
Hong Kong Park Sports Centre (Indoor Jogging Track)
Wan Chai Causeway Bay Sports Ground
Victoria Park
Happy Valley Recreation Ground
Green Lane Service Reservoir Sitting-out Area
Eastern Siu Sai Wan Sports Ground
Quarry Bay Park
Chai Wan Park
Siu Sai Wan Road Garden
Aldrich Bay Park
Aldrich Bay Playground
Aldrich Bay Promenade
Sham Shui Po Sham Shui Po Sports Ground
Sham Shui Po Park (Stage II)
Lai Chi Kok Park (Stage III)
Shek Kip Mei Park (Phase III)
Tai Hang Tung Recreation Ground
Po On Road Playground
To Yuen Street Playground
Shek Kip Mei Service Reservoir Playground
Nam Cheong Park
Cornwall Street Park
Yau Tsim Mong Lok Kwan Street Park
Yau Ma Tei Service Reservoir Rest Garden
Sai Yee Street Garden
Cherry Street Park
Wong Tai Sin Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground
Po Kong Village Road Park
Morse Park (Park No.1)
Ngau Chi Wan Park
Ma Chai Hang Recreation Ground
Tsz Wan Shan Estate Service Reservoir Playground
Choi Hung Road Playground
Kwun Tong Kowloon Bay Sports Ground
Jordan Valley Park
Jordan Valley Playground
Laguna Park
Ping Shek Playground
Sai Tso Wan Recreation Ground
Kwun Tong Recreation Ground
Kwun Tong High Level Service Reservoir Garden
Lam Tin Service Reservoir Playground
Yau Tong Service Reservoir Playground
Shun Lee Tsuen Park
Shun Lee Tsuen Playground
Ngau Tau Kok Park
Kowloon City Kowloon Tsai Sports Ground
Perth Street Sports Ground
Kowloon Tsai Park
Ho Man Tin Park
Junction Road Park
To Kwa Wan Recreation Ground
Hutchison Park
Ho Man Tin East Sitting-out Area
Carpenter Road Park
North North District Sports Ground
Wai Ming Street Garden
Fanling Recreation Ground
Pak Fuk Tin Sum Playground
Fan Leng Lau Road Playground
Luen Hing Street Sitting-out Area
Po Wing Road Sports Centre (Indoor Jogging Track)
Tai Po Tai Po Sports Ground
Tai Po Waterfront Park
Mui Shue Hang Playground
Tsuen Wan Shing Mun Valley Sports Ground
Tsuen Wan Park (Phase II)
Sha Tin Sha Tin Sports Ground
Ma On Shan Sports Ground
Hin Tin Playground
Ma On Shan Promenade
Pak Shek Kok Promenade
Tuen Mun Tuen Mun Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground
Siu Lun Sports Ground
Wu Shan Riverside Park
Tsing Tin Playground
Yeung King Playground
Yuen Long Yuen Long Stadium
Tin Shui Wai Sports Ground
Dragon Park
Tin Shui Wai Park
Tin Yip Road Park
Tin Sau Road Park
Tin Fai Road Sports Centre (Indoor Jogging Track)
Sai Kung Tseung Kwai O Sports Ground
Sai Kung Tang Shiu Kin Sports Ground
Po Tsui Park
Po Hong Park
Sheung Ning Playground
Hong Kong Velodrome Park
Hang Hau Sports Centre (Indoor Jogging Track)
Tiu Keng Leng Sports Centre (Indoor Jogging Track)
Kwai Tsing Kwai Chung Sports Ground
Wo Yi Hop Road Sports Ground
Tsing Yi Sports Ground
Tsing Yi Promenade
Tsing Yi Northeast Park
Tai Wo Hau Road South Playground
Islands Cheung Chau Sports Ground
Tung Chung North Park

Recommended Running Routes on Holidays

Life is busy in Hong Kong. Even if you have set aside some time for exercise on weekdays, your plans may be disrupted by some unexpected situations. To enjoy your physical activities in an undisturbed manner, you may visit the countryside on holidays with your family and friends. You will have more fun in pursuing physical fitness activities outside your daily routine! Some popular places for running are listed as follows:

Route Description Route Map and Scenery along the Route
1. Lugard Road,
The Peak
Route brief: Running along Lugard Road
Length: 3.5km
CityBus: 15, 15B #, X15
Mini Bus: 1


# Service of this route is suspended

 Lugard Road, The Peak

2. Sha Tin
Shing Mun Riverside
Route brief: Running along Sha Tin Shing Mun Riverside
Length: 8.8km
KMB: 72, 81, 85, 86, 89, 
285, 40X, 48P, 48X, 72A, 
80K, 80M, 81K, 85K, 86S, 
888, 88K, 88X, 900, 
N48, N73, N86, 269D, 280X, 
N271, NA40
CityBus: 989
Mini Bus: 60K, 62K, 810
Sha Tin Shing Mun Riverside

3. Tai Po
Tolo Harbour
Route brief: Yuen Chau Tsai Park to Hong Kong Science Park and return
Length: 10km
KMB: 72, W3, 271, 307, 
64X, 65X, 72A, 72X, 73A, 
74A, 74B, 74C, 74D, 74P, 
74X, 75P,  N73 , R94, T74, 
263C, 265S, 271B, 271P, 272E, 
272P, 272X, 274P, 275R, 307P, 
907C, A47X, N271, N307
CityBus: 307, 307P,  N307, 907C
LWB: E41, A47X, N42A, NA47
Mini Bus: 26,28K
Tai Po To lo Harbour

4. Tai Po
Tai Mei Tuk
Route brief: Tai Mei Tuk Plover Cove Reservoir Main Dam to Tung Tau Chau and return
Length: 7km
KMB: 72C,  73P,  74E,  75K,  75P,  275R
Mini Bus: 20C, 20R
Tai Po Tai Mei Tuk

5. Sheung Shui
Ng Tung Riverside
Route brief: Running along Shek Sheung River to Ng Tung River and River Beas
Length: 7km
KMB: 73K,  79K,  270S,  373, 673P,  N373
Mini Bus: 50A, 57K, 58K, 59K, 605
Sheung Shui Ng Tung Riverside

6. Tai Lam Chung
Route brief: Tsuen King Circuit to Ting Kau and return (Part of Tai Lam Chung Catchwater Jogging Trail)
Length: 12km
KMB: 30,  30X,  39A, 39M,  N39,  230X,  239R,  934A
LWB: A38
Mini Bus: 95, 95M
Tai Lam Chung Catchwater

7. Shing Mun Reservoir
Route brief: Shing Mun Reservoir (Part of the route is a cross-country trail)
Length: 10km
KMB: 263,  40E,  40X,  43P,  43X, 
46P,  46S,  46X,  47A,  47X, 
48P,  48X,  49P,  49X,  73D, 
73P,  73X,  848,  868,  N48, 
269D,  273C,  273P,  278A,  278P, 
278X,  279S
Mini Bus: 82
Shing Mun Reservoir


8. Shing Mun Catchwater
Route brief: Shing Mun Reservoir to Route Twisk and return
Length: 12km
KMB: 263, 40E, 40X, 43P, 43X,
46P, 46S, 46X, 47A, 47X,
48P, 48X, 49P, 49X, 73D,
73P, 73X, 848, 868, N48,
269D, 273C, 273P, 278A, 278P,
278X, 279S
Mini Bus: 82
Shing Mun Catchwater

9. High Island Reservoir
Route brief: Sai Kung Man Yee Au to East Dam and return
Length: 16km
KMB: 94, 96R, 289R
Mini Bus: 7, 9
High Island Reservoir

10. Tseung Kwan O Promenade
Route brief: Tiu Keng Leng to LOHAS Park and return
Length: 6km
CityBus: 694, 792M, 793, 795X, 796P, 796S,
796X, 796R, 798, 798B, N796
A29P, E22A, E22C, E22S
Mini Bus: 108A, 110
Tseung Kwan O Promenade

The transportation information provided in this website are for reference only. Members of the public are advised to check the updated transportation information on the websites of the Transport Department and relevant transport operators.

# Service of this route is suspended

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