Running for Health

Running for Health 




According to the findings of the “Physical Fitness Test for the Community”, in general, Hong Kong people were not doing enough physical exercise. The findings also revealed that physical activity level and lifestyle had a correlation with physical fitness, and that there was a noticeable link between the frequency and intensity of physical activity participation and physical fitness. To put it simple, the higher the physical activity level, the higher the physical fitness level. For the sake of health, people not participating in physical activities regularly are encouraged to adopt the “Baseline Indicator”, which requires participation in physical activities of moderate to vigorous intensity at least three days a week for an accumulation of at least 30 minutes a day, as their starting point to develop the good habit of regular exercise. Meanwhile, those who have already met the target should raise their physical activity levels progressively with a view to further enhancing their physical fitness.

The study report also pointed out that running was one of the most popular physical activities among adults (aged 20 to 59). Running is good for both the body and the mind, and it helps reduce the risks of overweight and some illnesses (in particular cardiovascular diseases). However, these health benefits can be realised only through running in the proper way. While it is relaxing to run alone, it may be even more rewarding to run with your family members or friends. Running will be more enjoyable when it becomes a social activity and part of your daily routine. Running

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