Exhibition Panel Loan Service

To encourage more local organisations to join us in promoting regular exercise and healthy lifestyle, we have prepared a set of exhibition panels which offers general yet useful information on exercise and health. The panels are available for loan, free of charge, by schools, elderly centres, youth centres, rehabilitation centres, shopping centres, residential clubhouses, etc. but borrowers are required to collect and return them at our office.

Exhibition Panel

A set of 7 exhibition panels is provided in the form of roll-up banners, which are portable, easy to set up and suitable for indoor display.


No. of Panels 7 (available in full set or in parts)
Dimensions of Panel About 0.8m(W) x 2m(H) each
Dimensions of Package About 0.8m(L) x 0.1m(D) each
Weight About 4.1kg each

Contents of the Exhibition Panels:

  1. “Aim” & “Content of Activities”
  2. “Exercise and Healthy Diet”
  3. “Guidelines on the Amount of Physical Activity”
  4. “Benefits of Exercise” & “Points to Note”
  5. “Exercise and Healthy Diet”, “Healthy Eating Food Pyramid” & “Interactive Games
  6. “More Information”
  7. “Facts about Calorie and Energy” & “Physical Activities and Energy Expenditure”

Exhibition Panel 1  Exhibition Panel 2  Exhibition Panel 3  Exhibition Panel 4

Exhibition Panel 5  Exhibition Panel 6  Exhibition Panel 7 


Application for advance booking is required and should be made at a maximum of 6 months in advance or at least two weeks prior to the proposed loan period. For enquiries and advance booking, please contact our Major Events Section on 2601 8809.

Download Application Form:

“Application for Exhibition Panel Loan Service”(PDF file)

Please download the required software to read our PDF files Download Adobe Reader

Download Adobe Reader

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