Running for Health

Running for Health 


Suggested Exercise Procedures

A. Introduction

Procedure Physical Activity Duration(minutes) Purpose
Warm-up Jogging 3 to 5
  • To raise body temperature
  • To allow your body to gradually prepare for further exercise
Stretching exercise At least 10
  • To enhance the flexibility of joints
  • To prevent or reduce the risk of injuries during exercise
Running at an increased pace 3 to 5
Workout Running exercise of a moderate to vigorous intensity At least 30
  • To strengthen cardiopulmonary function
  • To enhance muscular strength and endurance
  • To improve bone health
  • To improve body balance
A suitable amount of resistance training
Cool-down Jogging At least 5
  • To allow your body to calm down gradually after exercising at a vigorous  intensity
  • To reduce fatigue caused by the accumulation of metabolic wastes
  • To allow more blood flow to other organs so that your body can return gradually to the normal condition
Stretching exercise At least 10

During cold weather, spend more time warming up and do warm-up exercise at a higher intensity, and wear suitable clothing to maintain your body temperature.

warming up

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