Advanced Horticulture Course


Introduction and Enrolment Method for Advanced Horticulture Course

Course Category Advanced Horticulture Course
Course Content Theme plants learning about one of the following subjects and other horticultural topics:
(1) Organic Farming;
(2) Rose;
(3) Orchid;
(4) Cacti & Succulents;
(5) African Violet;
(6) Bonsai;
(7) Tree Maintenance;
(8) Ferns;
(9) Chinese Narcissus;
(10) Seasonal Flowers;
(11) Mini Garden Plot Design;
(12) On Maintenance of Garden Lawns.
Session each class 4 sessions, each of them 1.75 hours.
Venue Lecture room of the Zoological and Horitcultural Unit, LCSD, 1/F., Kowloon Park Offices, 22 Austin Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.
Language Cantonese
Entry Qualification Holder of Intermediate Horticulture Course Certificate issued by this Department.
Lecturer LCSD Staff or experienced & qualified lecturer.
Course Fee HK$154 each class payable upon call for registration.
(Concessionary rates at half normal charge are granted to senior citizens aged 60 or above, full-time students, persons with disabilities upon production of valid identification documents at the time of enrolment.)
(Course fee is subject to change.)
Class Size 30
Enrolment Method By ballot and restricted to qualified candidates only.
Attendance Certificate An attendance certificate will be issued to candidates with attendance rate 75% or above.
Enquiry Tel.: 2601 8067 or 2723 6891
Course Topic Course Content
Organic Farming (1) What is organic farming
(2) Soil profile and fertilizers
(3) Introduction to gardening tools & practical of composting
(4) Organic pest control methods & making of pest trap
Rose (1) Introduction to roses
(2) Growing condition of roses
(3) Propagation
(4) Maintenance
Orchid (1) Introduction to orchids and growing of Cattleya
(2) Introduction and growing of Oncidium and Dendrobium
(3) Introduction and growing of Chinese Cymbidium
(4) Introduction and growing of Paphiopedilum and Phalaenopsis; introduction of Pest and Disease of orchids
Cacti & Succulents (1) Classification of cacti and succulents; Introduction to species and growing environment
(2) Growing media and maintenance
(3) Control of pest and disease
(4) Propagation methods
African Violet (1) Introduction to African violet
(2) Species of African violet and growing condition
(3) Growing media and propagation
(4) Maintenance
Bonsai (1) History and Schools
(2) Classification
(3) Plant selection and Cultivation
(4) Care and Maintenance
Tree Maintenance (1) Tree biology & factors affecting tree planting
(2) Tree planting and transplanting
(3) Cares after transplanting
(4) Introduction to common trees for greening
Ferns (1) Introduction to ferns
(2) Growing condition and media
(3) Maintenance
(4) Propagation methods
Chinese Narcissus (1) Introduction to Narcissus
(2) Carving
(3) Modeling
(4) Practical
Seasonal Flowers (1) Introduction to seasonal flowers
(2) Condition of growing seasonal flowers
(3) Propagation of seasonal flowers
(4) Growing of common seasonal flowers and its maintenance
Mini Garden Plot Design (1) Introduction of 7 principles of design
(2) Use of plants for soft landscaping and its maintenance
(3) Introduction of special features for hard landscaping
(4) practical (planting design)
On Maintenance of Garden Lawns (1) Introduction to Lawns
(2) Ecological Foundations of Lawns
(3) Making Lawns
(4) Taking Daily Care of Lawns
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