Educational Programmes


Work items in this area include organization of Horticulture Courses, promote Greening School,and printing horticultural pamplets. These educational programmes and pamplets are meant for arousing public interest and knowledge in greening.


The main objective of the Zoological and Horticultural Education Unit of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) is to promote greening and raise public awareness of protection of animals and plants as well as conservation of the environment and thus build a better city in concerted efforts.

Areas of Work

1 Learning Activities- Guided Visits to Facilities of the LCSD

Our Unit endeavours to support environmental education. Learning activities are organised annually from October to June in the following year during which guided visits are arranged for students or organisations to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens, Hong Kong Park (Conservatory and Aviary), Tuen Mun Park (Reptile House), Tai Po Waterfront Park (Insect House), Kowloon Park, Boundary Street Nursery and the Green Education and Resource Centre. Through the talks conducted by our guides and field observation, we aim to enhance participants’ knowledge of plants and animals, and to arouse their awareness of the need to care for plants and animals as well as their recognition of the importance of environmental protection.


2 Greening School Subsidy Scheme

Our Unit organises the Greening School Subsidy Scheme for all kindergartens and primary, secondary and special schools in the territory, with a view to encouraging schools to promote a green culture among students and cultivate their interest in growing plants through organising campus greening projects and greening activities. Greening School Project Award is presented to schools with meritorious achievements in campus and environmental greening.


3 One Person, One Flower Scheme

Our Unit organises talks on cultivation of theme flowers and distributes information leaflets on the same topic to teachers or staff of participating schools for reference. We also deliver free seedlings of the theme flowers to participating schools for distributing to students to plant while the schools carry out relevant fringe activities. The objectives of the Scheme are to promote awareness of greening among students, and cultivate their interest in growing plants and care for the community.


4 Horticultural Courses

Our Unit organises horticultural courses for members of the public to enhance their awareness of greening by enhancing their horticultural knowledge and planting techniques. Attendance certificates are awarded to participants who have completed the courses.


5 Environmental Conservation Courses

Interest Badge courses for Girl Guides and Brownies are organised in collaboration with the Hong Kong Girl Guides Association from July to August every year to teach them knowledge about environmental conversation.


6 “Know More About Horticulture” Talks

Free “Know More About Horticulture” Talks on various themes are organised regularly every year for the public. Through the talks, participants can acquire different kinds of horticultural knowledge and learn to grow flowers, which help promote a green culture in society.


7 Zoological and Horticultural Education Exhibitions

Zoological education exhibitions and horticultural education exhibitions are held annually to promote knowledge of animals and horticulture, encourage the public to protect the nature, and enhance public awareness of environmental protection and greening.


8 Green Education and Resource Centre

The LCSD set up a green education and resource centre in Kowloon Park in 2004 to promote greening and enhance public awareness of greening and environmental protection. It provides a place for the public to participate in Green Hong Kong activities and understand the importance of greening and environmental protection through first-hand experience.


9 Production of Educational Publications

We produce posters and leaflets to promote knowledge of plants and animals as well as horticulture for free distribution to schools.



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