Old and Valuable Tree


Old & Valuable Tree 

Register ID.SpeciesCriteriaRemarks
Large Size*Precious or rare speciesParticularly old ageCultural, historical or memorable significanceOutstanding Form
LCSD CW/100 Ficus microcarpa         DBH 1418mm; Height 19m; Crown 28m
ARCHSD CW/36 Bombax ceiba         DBH 860mm; Height 23m; Crown 15m
ARCHSD CW/37 Ficus microcarpa         DBH 1600mm; Height 14m; Crown 16m
LCSD CW/103 Ficus virens var. sublanceolata       DBH 2665mm; Height 20m; Crown 34m
ARCHSD CW/38 Ficus microcarpa         DBH 1345mm; Height 15m; Crown 22m
ARCHSD CW/39 Ficus microcarpa         DBH 1770mm; Height 20m; Crown 30m
ARCHSD  CW/40 Bombax ceiba         DBH 754mm; Height 16m; Crown 14m
ARCHSD CW/42 Ficus virens var. sublanceolata         DBH 1780mm; Height 23m; Crown 22m
LCSD CW/114 Ficus microcarpa       DBH 1200mm; Height 15m; Crown 14m

*Large size : DBH of or over 1000mm; Height of or over 25m, Crown Spread of or over 25m