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Virtual Class for Parent-child Activities

Virtual Class for Parent-child Activities


Parent-child Activities

Parents should play games and do exercises with their children. This will not only help enhance their relationship and foster children’s interest in sports, but also help improve their physical fitness through doing exercise. Hence, parents should look for opportunities to do exercises with their children in a relaxed manner. The following exercises are suitable for doing with children aged 3 or above:

1. Passing a Ball with Your Feet Passing the ball with feet
Sitting pads and a ball
  • Balance your body with both hands. Hold and pass the ball with your feet only. The one who drops the ball or whose foot/feet hit(s) the floor will be the loser.
  • Sit in a straight line (pass the ball from front to back or vice versa), or sit side by side (pass the ball from left to right or vice versa) or sit in a circle.
Select an object (e.g. towel, balloon or basketball) for passing according to the ability of the child.
2. Baseball Batting Baseball
Paper bat (made up of 4 to 5 sheets of rolled-up newspaper)
Paper balls (squeeze newspaper into a ball and fix its shape with adhesive tape)
  • Take turns to play the pitcher and batter.
  • Pitch/bat with alternate hands.
The length of the bat should be adjusted according to the height and arm length of the child.
3. Shuttlecock Kicking Shuttlecock kicking
A shuttlecock
  • Keep on kicking the shuttlecock and prevent it from hitting the ground.
  • Play in pairs, in a circle or kick with alternate feet.
Beginners or very young children may hit the shuttlecock with their hands. For safety’s sake, avoid playing in a cramped space.

Points to Note:

  • Parents can adjust the mode and level of exercises according to children’s interest and ability, or even add some competition elements to the exercises in order to make it more interesting.
  • Parents should lead their children to do sufficient warm-up exercises before starting the parent-child activities to prevent injuries.

Other options

Apart from the parent-child activities suggested above, parents may, depending on their fitness conditions, take part in the following activities with their children:

  • Fitness walking, running, swimming, fitness exercise and various kinds of land-based or aquatic activities
  • Ball games
  • Outdoor activities such as cycling, kite flying, and strolling along country trails, nature trails or hiking trails

You may also consider doing aerobics, fit ball and elastic band exercises at home; or doing the aforesaid stretching and muscle strengthening exercises in the park; or even participating in recreation and sports activities such as aerobic dance, social dance, hydro-fitness, tai-chi, badminton, tennis and resistance training together with your friends in order to enrich your life.

Parent-child activities come in a great variety without restrictions on their forms or contents. The most important point is that you should take the initiative to exercise more and ask your family and friends to join you so that you can keep your mind and body fit while enjoying a great time together with them.

More information

For details about the “Healthy Exercise for All Campaign”, please call the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) 24-hour Customer Hotline at 2414 5555 (This hotline is handled by “1823”) or visit the website of LCSD at

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